The Corona Diaries – Day 540

A warm sunny day in Yorkshire – though I’ve spent the morning profitably sharing stories with my writing group in Hornsea.

Back home I’ve been trying to help sort out my son’s move from London – mainly around how he is going to move his extremely heavy seven foot £3000 snooker table. Anybody want to buy a proper slate-bed snooker table?

I’m just about to go for my daily walk!!

Fabulous. Really warm. A few days ago it was the swallows massing for migration, today it was the finches. There were around fifty congregating on the telegraph wires. An amazing sight.

I was impressed with the Daily Star headlines about the cabinet reshuffle. Clowning Street Massacre – about sums it up.

We all saw what a mess our gaffe-ridden clown made of being a Foreign Secretary and now we’ve got Liz Truss in charge. It’s like putting Andy Pandy in charge of our nuclear deterrent and Muffin the Mule in charge of the army – though hang on a minute – that’s pretty much what we have got!

So it was all swings and roundabouts at the circus. Perhaps we should just go the whole hog and put the characters of Magic Roundabout in charge of the country. With Zebedee as a leader I’m sure that Dylan, Dougal and Ermintrude would take on key positions and we’d get a better cabinet. With the Clangers in power we’d stand a better chance of some rational common sense!

It seems that even the Tory Press regards our disheveled idiot as a clown. Do we need a clown in charge when we are trying to deal with three massive crises – Brexit, Covid and Climate Change???? I think not! I would prefer someone who wasn’t lazy, wasn’t inept and was on the ball. This guy is a circus clown. Every appearance is a bumbling act. But behind that clown’s face is one of a self-serving, overprivileged arse-hole. He really believes that all he has to do it announce something and it will miraculously happen. I suppose that is a product of his upbringing. He’s never had to work at anything. He’s bumbled his way through and amazingly got to the top. He now thinks he can do anything just by making up a silly slogan or headline grabber.

Life doesn’t work that way.

All of the details are beyond him! We can see that with all the lies and false claims over Brexit and Covid. He promises the earth and delivers fuck-all.

Looking at the useless cabinet reshuffle it’s like changing one set of escapees from the local loony farm with another!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland we have 30,597 new cases with another 201 deaths and rising hospital cases and we’re not in winter yet!! They are talking about over 100,000 cases a day and hospitals swamped. Pile ’em up high Johnson has a plan!! He’s taken out shares in mortuaries, cemeteries and has plans to privatise the whole business of death and sell it to the Yanks.

China have now vaccinated over a billion. That’s quite impressive. I bet they don’t get many antivaxxers there!

The hospitals are full of antivaxxers in the USA and here. They are not full of vaccinated people with side-effects though! Says something.

I’ve been down the doctors to enquire about both my flu jab and covid booster. I’m allergic to ventilators.

France has just suspended 30,000 unvaccinated health workers. Who wants to be cared for by risky people?

Over here those in Care Homes have compulsory jabs.

The good news is that it looks likely that there will be no need for testing for those double and triple jabbed. I’m looking forward to a bit of travel after my booster!!

So stay safe!! The clown’s act always comes to an end with a disaster or two!

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