Poetry – Insects


Insects crushed underfoot

With a grimace of disgust.

Swatted, electrocuted

Sprayed and executed,

As we remove

The foundations

From the edifice of life.

Opher 3.4.2019

Insects, creepy crawlies, are being systematically destroyed. They are seen as a nuisance. They are viewed with disgust. They are annoying, scary and unclean.

We want them destroyed, removed, exterminated. They are dirty, destructive and spread disease. They bite, they annoy and they elicit fear.

Many of us do not like insects. We are glad they are being annihilated.

Yet insects are the basis of the food chain. Remove them and you destroy all the beautiful creatures that feed on them – the swifts and swallows, hedgehogs and voles. No more butterflies to tumble around your flowers, no more bees to make your honey.

What a sad, sterile world we are busy creating.

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