The Corona Diaries – Day 539

A quite different day today; the sun was shining. I went for a walk up my hill and was quite hot and sweaty!

I had to post one of my books to Portugal today. It’s the second time. The first one went missing. Since Brexit the cost of posting to the continent has gone through the roof. There are customs forms to fill in and huge delays. It’s become quite absurd. To think that before all this Brexit shit it was all straightforward, cheap, easy and quick. We need our brains testing!! These Tory Brexiteering liars need holding to account. This is nothing like they were promising. It’s worse than Project Fear. It’s a disaster. Heaven knows how businesses are managing with all these costs, delays and red tape. A nightmare. How stupid are we???

Back home I’ve been writing a piece for my writing group – a bit of political satire – editing my Harper book and listening to some Cream. Quite productive. I was feeling shit yesterday but I’ve perked up today.

I’ve been watching the Tory reshuffle with a suppressed laugh of disbelief. His was scanning the ranks of the cabinet seeking out incompetence. It turned out that he was top of the list but he couldn’t reshuffle himself. Everywhere he looked there was unbelievable ineptitude and when he looked for people to replace them he found a wealth of uselessness. It seemed that anybody in the Tory Party with an ounce of common sense was kicked out – Rory Stuart, Philip Hammond, Ken Clarke………… They were all lousy contemptible Tories but compared to this rabble of ERG extremists they were saints. Personally, I’d kick the lot of the useless pricks out including Johnson the liar. They are hopelessly out of their depth. But he has kicked out the loathsome Jenrick, hapless Williamson and demoted the lazy Raab. The sparsity of talent is obvious when he was looking round for replacements – ‘The Gollum’ Gove is a boggle-eyed prat and unbelievably he’s put the completely batty Liz Truss in as Foreign Secretary!! Expect a war at any moment.

Incompetent twerps!!

We are in so much trouble!! I could have put together a more competent cabinet from my last Year 7 Biology group!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the band of hapless clowns, nincompoops and assorted numbskulls continue our journey of disaster through both Brexit and Covid. If ever there was a need for a different electoral system. This one is failing us!!

There were another 26,628 new cases with 185 deaths. There is now talk of the NHS being presented with up to 7000 daily hospital cases as winter progresses. It looks inevitable that plan B will be happening with local lockdowns, enforced masks and social distancing and shutdowns of indoor venues as the irreversible is reversed.

I had to laugh over the swollen testicles conspiracy theory. Some rapper put out that after a jab his testicles swelled up and he became infertile. It was pointed out that this wasn’t a result of the vaccination but more likely due to Chlamydia. It seems that a number of silly people want to believe any scare story and would rather die than be jabbed. No cure for stupidity and even if there was they wouldn’t take it!

Stay safe!!!

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