Woman in USA totally debunks antivaxxers!!

41 million have caught covid out of a population of 330 million – you have a 1 in 8 chance of catching covid.

1 in 61 people who catch covid die.

If you have been double jabbed your chances of catching covid or dying from it are hugely reduced:

Only 1 in 13402 catch the virus

1 in 86,500 die from covid.

The vaccines are hugely successful in saving lives!!

Don’t believe the conspiracy shit! Don’t fall for the political crap!

Go and get jabbed! Save your life and protect others!!

7 thoughts on “Woman in USA totally debunks antivaxxers!!

  1. But according to Public Health England (I don’t trust them, but they’re “experts!”) if you have already had the damned thing, you have only 1 in 1,000 chance of catching it again. That makes it 125 times safer to have had it already than not to have had it. The vaccines can reduce transmission by 63%, so I’ve heard; but that still leaves a ratio of 46 to 1. If you have a better set of stats, produce them.

      1. I’ll have a look tomorrow Neil.
        Testing, vaccination, social distancing, avoiding indoors, masks, border controls and lockdowns all play a part. Vaccination is the only thing that will get us out of this though.

    1. Lol Neil – how much more stats do you need??? You’ve already admitted yourself that the jabs have enormously brought down the death rate. Without them we’d still be in l0ockdown.
      Don’t you have a social duty as much as a personal responsibility?

      1. Opher, the idea of a “social duty” is a very dangerous one. In essence, it subordinates the individual to a collective – and a collective that can be easily manipulated by the powerful and the persuasive to damage their chosen victims. Myself, I am coming to reject the whole idea of political “society.” In my book, any society worth being a member of wouldn’t have any politics of any kind.

        And I don’t agree that vaccination is “the only thing that can get us out of this.” Vaccinations can help by cutting hospitalization and death rates for those who get the virus. Maybe, even, by increasing the proportion of cases that are completely asymptomatic (many of which won’t be detected). But unless the vaccines are absolutely perfect (and they aren’t), the only thing that can actually fix the problem is herd immunity. Getting to that needs a high proportion of people to have caught the disease at one point or another; and vaccines don’t help with that.

        BTW, UK new case counts in the last week or so seem to be wobbling. Can’t be sure yet, but there may be a downturn coming – without a lockdown.

      2. Hi Neil – no I don’t agree. When you are part of a society you always have a social responsibility. That does not have to subjugate the individual. Indeed, it provides great benefits that should help to liberate the individual. A social group, working correctly, should provide benefits for the individual that far exceed what they can do on their own. It does not have to be limiting or claustrophobic. It should be symbiotic. But there are compromises and duties that come with being part of that group.
        Any group of people living together require rules. That’s politics. You can’t live without unless you want to be a hermit in an isolated region.
        Herd immunity is the only way forward. As herd immunity through illness would kill in the region of 2 million people and throw up to 10 million into long covid with severe damage to internal organs in Britain that does not look like an attractive option. Vaccination also leaves a longer-lasting immunity. It seems that immunity following illness is far less and fades quicker (around three months). I would not like to be getting a nasty illness that could lead to death and severe damage every twelve weeks. Vaccines do provide a much safer and better way of achieving herd immunity.
        We will have to live with this virus and that means regular boosters. Those who are not vaccinated will inevitably catch it at some time. When I do I want the security of having been vaccinated. I do not fancy being on a ventilator fighting for breath.
        Vaccines do get us to herd immunity better and faster than infection.
        I doubt very much that numbers will go down. As we approach winter the indications are that this will get a lot worse. The antivaxxers are going down like flies and making up 99% of the deaths. As the virus becomes more prevalent their situation becomes more precarious as does those shielding. Last week our neighbour across the road who was shielding died from covid.
        The hospitals are clogged with the unvaccinated. They are not clogged with people suffering side-effects from vaccines.

      3. According to Worldometers, the 7 day moving average of UK new cases went under 30,000 yesterday for the first time since August 18th. This suggests that the wobble may soon become a fall. If that happens, herd immunity (to the current variant) may be a lot closer than you think.

        You’re right that social groups that are working correctly ought to be a positive to all their members. Unfortunately, today’s political system is not in any way working correctly – as you well know!

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