The Corona Diaries – Day 538

I rushed out to do my walk first thing because I saw the forecast. I was in shorts and fleece for my walk. Shortly after I returned home it started to rain and the temperature dropped a few degrees. I’m out of shorts and wearing an extra fleece.

As I walked up my hill there were leaves beginning to fall. The swallows had gone – probably heading for the warmth of Africa. Wouldn’t mind following them!!

I surveyed the brown wreck of habitats that the mowers created. Habitats ruined in the name of tidiness. There’s no hope for humanity.

I’ve been playing some Velvet Underground. Great stuff.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our mighty clown is coming out of hiding to tell us what we already know. His blueprint is revealed!! We’re going to live with covid!!

I’ve placed a big blob of protoplasm in each room in the house – somewhere cosy for the virus to feel at home. I’m hoping it’ll prefer that to me!!

So all us old gits are getting a third dose of vaccine and they are doing the kids too! They hope that the vaccine will keep enough people out of hospital so the NHS can survive. That seems to be the prime consideration.

It appears that we have all got used to people dying at the rate of 100-200 a day. The politicians reckon we are now cool with that. It seems we are!!

99% of those dying are unvaccinated so I suppose the feeling is that it’s their choice.

The big debates are:

Should we not be giving the vaccine to the third world instead of a third dose? The answer is yes! Though I’ll be first in line to get my third jab. We are not going to be safe until the whole world is vaccinated. We’re dicing with death. A new variant could pop up any moment and our clown will beckon it in!!

I think our vaccines will be a drop in the ocean. What we need to do is remove the patents so that the vaccines can be made in quantity in factories in the places they are needed! That is the best way – but then the companies don’t make their tens of billions!! Greedy bastards will kill us all!!

Then there is the business of vaccinating our kids. Very real to me because I have a grandson who fits into that category! So what do I think? There is a tiny risk of a side effect – 3-17 in a million for one jab. The myocarditis is usually mild and short lasting. If longer lasting it can be treated. Unvaccinated kids who get covid are at much higher risk – 89 per million end up in intensive care. That goes down to 2 after 1 shot of pfizer.

Then there is the reduced rate of passing the disease on to others.

It’s a no-brainer really. I’d have him vaccinated.

So with another 30,825 new cases and 61 deaths we are heading into winter!!

Stay Safe!!

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