Poetry – Labelling


Labelling, stereotyping, pigeon-holing, dividing –

Compromising is incredibly surprising.

We are no longer people with ideas of our own –

Now tribal hordes with personal views unknown.

Denials and disbelief are the currency

Spurning the ideas of plurality.

In the uncivil war that is raging in our homes

There is no room for love and poems!

Opher 3.4.2019

It is quite clear to me that we are no longer listening to, or respecting each other. We place people in little boxes where we can ignore, ridicule and abuse them.

The level of division and hate is quite unreal.

The other side are cretinous fools who are a danger to all of us. They deserve to be ridiculed. They deserve to be abused. They are morons who want to impose their obnoxious views on all of us.

Except they aren’t.

They are people with a range of views on many subjects. Few of them sit snugly in the boxes we would squeeze them in.

They are complex and they are not stupid. They just think differently to you.

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