Poetry – Building the Future

Building the Future

Are we building the future

Or destroying the Past?

Are we realising our dreams

Or creating a nightmare?

Are in in control

Or being controlled?

There lies the essence of our dilemmas,

Hoisted on the conundrums

Of faint hopes.

Yet even the faintest hope

Is better than nothing.

The tiniest spark

Can foster an inferno.

Opher – 3.4.2019

It seems to me that most people live their lives obvious to what is going on in the world. Many are in denial. They do not believe there is a problem at all.

But the climate warms, the extinction rate climbs and the same greedy elite still continue to plunder for profit with impunity.

Some say these people cannot be controlled.

Some say that the government establishment and the elite causing this mayhem are one and the same.

If it is true that they cannot be constrained then I see no future for the planet. They are selling the future for their own selfish present.

But I like to believe that there is a faint hope, that we can devise a system that operates on a universal basis and will curtail their activities.

The planet is in need of saving. While there is hope there is life.

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