Poetry – What are we?

What are we?

So what are we?

The most vicious animal that ever lived?

Or the intelligent ape that learnt to give?

An insane inmate trashing our own home?

Or inquisitive monkey that likes to roam?

A greedy chimp that can never own enough?

Or communicative team-worker hunting stuff?

A primate with a cruel streak a mile wide?

Or a seeker of wisdom with a naked hide?

A mean killer who maims for fun?

Or a pleasure-loving lover who like a pun?

A mindless moron who finds violence great?

Or an empathetic friend who just hates hate?

Opher 3.2.2019

There are two sides to human beings – the Jekyll and the Hyde.

One would hope that civilisation and education would nurture the nicer of the two – but it hasn’t completely succeeded yet.

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