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The Corona Diaries – Day 530


Yesterday was spent walking around Bolton Abbey, up the river and around with two friends from long ago. Reconnecting after Covid is great. Spending time walking in the Yorkshire Dales is a bonus.

All of us were double jabbed. The risks felt small. The four of us stayed in a beautiful converted farm for a few days. It has been a time of talking, catching up, good food, wine and sunshine. Our contact with other people was limited to outside. Walking in fresh air with the warmth of the Autumnal sunshine felt good and safe. The scenery was stunning!!

Drove home yesterday recharged and contented.

For three days I haven’t been aware of the stupidities around me as our lamentable government gropes its way through the crises of Covid and Brexit and makes a balls of both.

Out in Coronaland there were another 41,192 new cases with another 45 deaths. So what is the policy now Mr Johnson?? Wait and se as usual??

The oven-ready Social Care solution is finally, two years later, being unveiled. Or is it? Once again they’ll be robbing from the poor by breaking another pledge not to raise tax.

I have an idea. There are 171 billionaires in this country now. There were 24 more in this last year alone. The wealth of the rich has increased by £252 billion in the last 5 Years with £47.8 billion in the last 12 years.

So while the nurses, trying to live on £24,000, have a pay cut. The teachers and public servants have all had twelve years of austerity and pay cuts. Meanwhile the wealthiest profiteers, with great help from the over-privileged Tories, have been raking it in. The gap of inequality is growing bigger by the day!!

How about a wealth tax to pay for social care? How about a bit more social justice? How about proper pay increases for the poor so that they work all week to get a living wage? How about the greedy being taxed? How about a fairer society??

Of course, Tories are really about elitism and greed. I’m expecting a tax on the poor – like raising the National Insurance – and no plugging of the Tax loopholes so the profiteers can continue to exploit us all and stash their loot in the Cayman Islands tax free!!

Stay safe! I’m back off holiday!!

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