The Corona Diaries – Day 527

It’s a bit of a dull day in Yorkshire; not very inspiring. I went up my hill, did some editing and listened to Slim Harpo. All very mundane.

This afternoon I’m off to visit with friends. That might buck me up a bit!!

The Roy Harper book has stalled a little because it has sold out. There are now 21 excellent reviews and ratings on Amazon and 103 likes on Burning Shed. Great stuff. That is very reassuring and fills me with relief. The second print run should be in soon and I’ll see how it progresses. Thanks for your support – so glad you are all enjoying it. Thanks for feeding through your views – love reading them all! I know it’s a pain to leave a review but it certainly means a lot to me.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our lying toad of an overgrown Billy Bunter is being held to his lying pronouncements. Two years ago he stood on the steps of Downing Street and told everyone he was going to solve social care once and for all with a plan that was all ready to go!

Lying bastard!

There was no plan. He made that up just like he makes everything else up – world-beating shit, moonshots and best in world. Blithering windbag!!

He hasn’t got a clue how to fix social care in the same way he did not have a clue about Brexit. All that oven-ready bollocks was just bollocks. The deal he struck is a disaster. He did not have a clue.

He has no clue over Covid – just blunders his way through – 140,000 corpses in his wake. No real plan – unless complacency followed by panic is a plan. Hopeless, hopeless, hopeless.

He thinks he can be jolly, trot out slogans, blither away and promise the earth – but nothing happens, everything goes wrong and he hasn’t a clue.

He thinks he can pull the wool over all our eyes – and for some reason he has!!

The truth is that he’s a lazy fool who gets away with murder while firing from the hip and making an absolute mess of everything he touches. – Same story in the foreign office and on his newspapers. He lies and makes things up, blunders and messes things up.

How the hell did this clown get to be Prime Minister???????

So, as the cases continue at 37,830 new cases and another 178 deaths and show no sign of abating our glorious leader, fresh back from holiday, remains invisible. Probably best. The more he’s involved the worse things will be.

It now seems that there is no urgency in boosters for us – just those shielding. Shame. I want the extra protection. the Johnson variant is being transmitted to the double jabbed. I don’t want it!

Aren’t you glad we’ve got a clown and a bunch of incompetent extremists in control??

Stay safe!!! We’re on our own!!

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