The Corona Diaries – Day 524

Oh what fun to be permanently in this state of semi-isolation. Normality has faded over the horizon. It’s a dim memory. Although we are not in strict lockdown the habits have become part of everyday life. Life changed. Wearing masks in shops, avoiding inside venues, not meeting up with friends and family as much, assessing venues, shops and crowds for density and safety, covid distancing, hand sanitation – all have become second nature. 530 days ago I did not really think about the spreading of disease between people I met. It was a low risk. As a biologist I was well aware of the difference between hygiene and cleanliness but not too bothered. Shaking hands, hugs and touching surfaces were acceptable risks. We might catch a cold, even flu – or a digestive complaint – but it was unlikely to kill you. Things have changed. I think everyone is more aware of contagion. Will that ever change back? I dunno!!

Today I went for my walk up the hill. It felt very Autumnal under heavy cloud, with fields of stubble and not much sign of any creatures. It was as if nature was paused.

Back home I tidied my disgusting room up. It has been a smelly state too long!! I played the Doors very loud and then took the car in for an oil change.

These days have a habit of zooming past with little achieved. I was hoping to get some editing done but haven’t managed any yet! Not enough hours.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the farce continues. There was the ignominious chaos of our inglorious evacuation of Afghanistan where we had our arse kicked by a bunch of religious fanatics. We left in such a hurry that we discarded enough equipment to equip a whole army – hundreds of helicopters, armoured vehicles, trucks, assault rifles, planes and a mass of body armour, boots and helmets. Money is tight but it seems we have enough to make gifts to a bunch of terrorists. We are truly nuts. Why the hell hasn’t this been sorted out over the past months so that we had an orderly withdrawal of civilians, troops and equipment?? Money to chuck away!! Incompetence, complacency and stupidity. I wonder who was in charge? It couldn’t be the Tories could it??

Lo and behold – now Johnson is on holiday!! They can’t be bothered!! Can’t be asked!! They think they can get away with anything. Besides, he’s so useless it’s better that he’s out the way. We’re better off with Mr Nobody.

Meanwhile we still have 32,181 new cases and another 50 deaths. Nothing is going away. In Scotland, as soon as the schools went back there was a big surge. They are even considering lockdowns. The schools go back in England next week!

I noticed that the Telegraph is predicting a winter of discontent. About bloody time. With continuing covid, Brexit misery (resulting in job loses and price rises, red-tape and tariffs), shortages in shops, Afghan humiliation and continuing cuts and pay freezes, it’s about time the public woke up!

We have a lot of other things to worry about. Vaccine passports are coming in for clubs and indoor venues. I’ve got mine sorted. It’s going to piss off a lot of the antivaxxers!! Ha Ha!!

I heard yesterday that one of my writing group is not coming anymore. He was part of a walking group and mentioned to one of the walkers that he had not been vaccinated. When they reached their stopover the whole group left him sitting on his own. Made me laugh. The fool was a risk to himself and everybody else – shunned – and he deserved it. Fool.

But it looks like another year of disrupted education as kids will be sent home as cases emerge. Then there are the new variants. The one that sprang out of Newquay needs watching, then there is the new S. African. It only takes one to set us back to square one.

The UK wasted 300,000 vaccines. We need to jab the world. The only way out of this id g;lobal immunity. The sooner the better. Otherwise we are going to be locked into a cycle of variants and jabs!!

Roll on my third jab! I can’t wait! I want security! I want my life back!

Stay Safe!! Johnson will go one day!! Who knows – we might even get a competent Labour government!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 524

  1. Two more COVID rants here:

    As to winter of discontent, I’m up for it. But remember who caused the last one? Oh yes, Labour.

    “Competent,” “government” and “Labour” are three words, no two of which any rational human being today can utter in the same sentence. You could replace “Labour” by “Tory,” of course. The system is the problem, Opher. The system that allows these scum to behave as they do, without come-back.

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