The Corona Diaries – Day 523

Cloudy and cooler. I even changed out of shorts!! I went up my hill. It feels dead. All the grass and flowers are laying flat and have gone to seed. Very little bird song – just a warning or two as we approached – and no sign of birds of prey or stoats.

All was quiet.

Summer is ending – we’re running down.

I’ve managed to get back to the editing. I’ve been sorting out photos. Amazing to look back at yourself

I’ve been playing some Lee Scratch Perry today. So many good ones going now!! The winter of an era!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the slimey sleavers are slathering. Not only are they cocking up right left and centre (Covid, Brexit and Afghanistan) with the same arrogance, incompetence, complacency and opportunistic profiteering, but they are getting away with it.

This must be the worst government in history yet they are six points clear in the polls. There is madness at work!!

In the UK the cases are rising – 32,937 new cases yesterday with another 61 deaths. Nobody quite knows where this is heading. The big concern is that when the schools go back there will be a major surge. 1.4 million people have failed to have their second jab/. They are vulnerable – along with the antivaxxers and shielders there is a juicy bunch for the virus to get its teeth into. Hospital cases and deaths will likely go through the ceiling – and that’s without a new variant.

We have teenagers getting blood clots and antivaxxers dying.

Maybe more worrying is the appearance of a new strain that originated at the Newquay festival. That’s all we need!

Europe is concerned about the dip in vaccinations. I am concerned that my third jab might be delayed!

But New Zealand looks to be back in control of its nasty outbreak.

What with people complaining about loss of freedoms and others getting extremely ill and dying – you can’t please everyone!! I’m looking after me!! Taking whatever vaccine I’m offered and not taking risks!

Stay Safe!! The future is being shaped!!

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