The Corona Diaries – Day 511

Fabulous hot sunny day with the grandchildren at Bridlington. Feasted on whelks and crabs, ice-cream and chocolate. All good!! Walked 13 kilometers

Meanwhile in Coronaland parliament is recalled to discuss the Taliban. The contrast could not have been more stark.

On one side of the packed house we have the populist Trump wannabes – hardly a mask in sight. Taking the same gung-ho stupidity that is presently killing thousands of Americans.

On the other side of the house we have the much more sensible Labour Party with nearly all of them masked – as is appropriate in the middle of a pandemic while inside a crowded building.

What sort of stupid irresponsible example is this sending to the public??

Today the numbers of new cases rose to 33,904 with another 111 deaths. A judge is brought in to decide whether a severely covid brain-damaged woman, in her 50s, should be allowed to die. New Zealand go into a lockdown because they have one case of covid and really don’t want to end up like Sydney or the Southern States of America. The governor of Texas – a populist twat – who has been resisting measures to prevent the spread of covid goes down with the disease. A man is jailed in Singapore for not wearing a mask.

Human beings are nuts.

We are in the midst of a pandemic. It can only be defeated by people pulling together yet what we see is the opposite. The virus has been politicised. One half of the world is taking measures to control it and the other half seems to want to spread faster.

Stupidity rules.

The debate in Parliament sums it up – We had months to sort out an orderly withdrawal of the Afghan interpreters and people who have been helping the war effort in Afghanistan. In typical bumbling mode we didn’t. Instead of order we have created chaos. The reward for helping our forces is to be abandoned to be butchered by a bunch of fanatic savages.

It’s the same incompetence and stupidity that we’ve seen with Brexit and Covid. We are being ruled by a bunch of morons!!

Stay safe. We’ll probably have the Taliban taking over before too long if this lot continue much longer!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 511

  1. Succinct description of the political situation. Well, they say that with the Taliban at least the trains are were on time. Rather they would have been on time if there were trains in the caliphate.

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