The Corona Diaries – Day 509

I was a bit knackered todays after spending a weekend looking after bouncy grandchildren. I had a quiet day. I walked up my hill, mowed some grass, listened to Fela Kuti, read a little, watched the cricket to a sad but predictable conclusion and did a little editing.

Right now I’m feeling a little mellow after a couple of glasses of merlot.

It’s such a relief to hear from the posted reviews and comments emailed in to me that the Harper On Track book is being received so well. Your reviews are filling me with a warm feeling. Thank you.

If anybody else wants a book from me I have a few copies left from my last batch.

The news from Afghanistan is super depressing. I fear for all the girls and women whose lives will be permanently blighted and for all the poor victims who will be executed most brutally by these brainwashed, ignorant savages. This is religion in action. For some reason they think there is a god and he’s a savage, barbaric monster who demands cruelty, viciousness and severe penalty for anyone who does not believe. Where the fuck is the UN???

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, Johnson is still 8% clear in the polls despite all the sleaze, ineptitude and lies. Incredible. What does it take to wake people up to how awful this government is. Starmer is useless. Labour need to ditch him and bring in someone dynamic who will attack the Tories on their lamentable record and unify the party instead of pulling it apart.

I mean – chucking Ken Loach out of the party – You must be joking!!! That is not the Labour Party I support!! Far too many red Tories.

So Johnson is acting as if it’s all over. Unfortunately it isn’t, though you wouldn’t know it from the way the country is reacting. But we still had another 28,488 new cases and 59 deaths. The virus is still increasing. I think Israel should be a warning. They were fully vaccinated (More than the UK), took their foot off the brake, opened up, and now they are back wearing masks and locking down with the Indian variant rampaging.

This Indian variant is nasty. It is killing double vaccinated people. They have downgraded the effectiveness of the vaccines from 92-96% down to 62-66%. That’s a blow. It means the virus will spread faster, and cause more serious illness and deaths.

Thank you Mr Johnson for waving it through customs into the country. After allowing unlimited travel from India when the virus was peaking and causing absolute hell, he didn’t even get the stupid trade deal he was after (not that it would have compensated much for the huge loss of trade we’ve suffered with the EU). What a stupid plonker!! So desperate to try to justify Brexit that it was worth killing thousands of Britons.

Johnson is relying on the facts that hospitalisations are stable and so are the virus levels. We have vaccinated 77% of the adult population – not nearly enough. There are all the millions of kids and millions of unvaccinated as well as a third of the vaccinated who could become very ill. This is summer, when airborne viruses are far less transmissable. Autumn is just around the corner.

Weren’t we here last year? Didn’t we relax rules and set off another wave that killed tens more thousands? Aren’t we doing the same again? Shouldn’t we be using these last few weeks of summer to drive down cases to a minimum instead of allowing it to spread?

All we need is another variant and we are buggered!!

Hopefully a third jab is in the offing which has been tweaked to deal with this Indian variant that Johnson so kindly presented us with.

In the States things are dire in the Trumpist States. The politicalisation of the pandemic is killing thousands. Trump’s legacy is one of death and stupidity.

Trump was also responsible for putting the removal of troops from Afghanistan. More fool Biden for going along with it!!

The numbers of stupid antivaxxers dying because they did not get vaccinated is continuing to mount. They and their kin are extremely remorseful when they suddenly find themselves in their deathbeds.

This is the partner of an intelligent 52 year-old ex-Cambridge man, an intelligent man who was brainwashed by the garbage on the internet. He thought the vaccine was too experimental to try. Now he’s dead.

This is what his partner (who was also hospitalised) had to say:

‘She said paramedics who attended her at home on 2 July were called back 10 minutes later when her 19-year-old son found Mr Lawrenson dead in bed.

She said: “Les made a terrible mistake and he’s paid the ultimate price for that.”

Ms Mitchell was admitted to hospital the same day and spent a week on a Covid ward.

She said she felt foolish for putting her daughter and older son at risk when they came to help to care for the couple’s 11-year-old son.

Daughter Carla Hodges, 35, said: “[Leslie] was so brainwashed by the stuff that he was seeing on YouTube and social media.

“He said: ‘A lot of people will die more from having the vaccine than getting Covid.'”

Ms Mitchell said she would be having the vaccine as soon as doctors declared her fit enough.’

Too late when it’s too late!!

66% is not as good as it could be. We are still at risk. But it is a lot better than a kick in the teeth. Give me the third jab as soon as possible. I’m allergic to ventilators and like to wipe my own bum!

Stay safe!!

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