The Corona Diaries – Day 507

It’s been a pretty full day with the grandchildren on board. I’ve been running around, playing football, on swings, zip lines and walking miles in order to get an ice-cream.

I’m knackered. I’m too old for this.

I did manage to sit for a while and watch the football though!! Great stuff.

I’ve stolen a half hour in order to write this!!

507 days and I still haven’t caught covid. Not bad. It’s not something I’m keen on catching.

We’re going to have a meal and then watch a film!! About all I’m good for!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our bodge-up government is presiding over chaos as usual – no clear strategy, no clear messaging and Johnson missing in action as usual – probably guzzling or rutting somewhere like the greedy pig he is.

When you really need a leader we end up with a juvenile cheerleader. Instead of strategies we get slogans and soundbites; instead of clear instruction we get vacillation, lies, U-turns and confusion. How the hell did this nincompoop get to this position – just ask Nazarene Ratcliffe how thorough he is.

We have another 32,362 new cases and 100 deaths.

Here’s what the greedy self-server should be saying:

The pandemic isn’t over.

It is aerosol spread.

It spreads indoors in poorly ventilated spaces.

It is spread by people breathing out virus particles.

People shouting or singing pump out virus.

Avoid going indoors.

Wear a mask indoors.

Masks reduce transmission.

Vaccination has extremely small risks.

Vaccination provides very good protection against serious illness and death.

Vaccinated people do not transmit the virus as much as unvaccinated people though they can still catch and incubate it.

Most people dying now are unvaccinated.

The risk from not being vaccinated is much greater than the tiny risks from being vaccinated.

Covid causes blood clotting at a far higher rate than vaccines.

Vaccines have been tested on 100s of millions. They are extremely safe.

Weigh up your risks.

Today we met and walked outdoors. The only time we went in anywhere was when we went into the ice-cream parlour. We weighed up the risk. Wore a mask inside. It was worth it (salted caramel).

You can’t live life as a hermit but you can greatly reduce your risks!!

Take care!!Profiteers are everywhere. Apart from the Tory shysters there are other people trying to make a fortune out of covid. The cowboys setting up expensive testing are examples of profiteers. Cold, callous and calculating. I bet they are Tories!!

Football is back – though covid passports are required. Clubbing is back and covid passports will be required. Restaurants and pubs are open – soon many of them will need a covid passport. Travel abroad requires covid testing and vaccination.

The risk to the unvaccinated is growing by the minute. The vaccinated will pass on the virus. They will fuill out hospitals and morgues!

Let the daft American Trump supporters pooh-pooh science and die in droves. They deserve it. See if Jesus protects them. Ha Ha.

Get bloody vaccinated!! You are a menace!!

Stay Safe!!

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