The Corona Diaries – Day 506

We have grandchildren staying with us for a few days so life is jolted out of routine. No writing or editing for a couple of days. We had a walk around the village and went off to visit the Eden Camp – an ex-prisoner-of -war camp that is a museum about war. So much to read. I’m not sure the grandchildren really took in much of the experience though. They enjoyed the adventure playground though.

Meanwhile, in Coronaland, our bungling clown of a PM and his sleazy crew, are bumbling their way through. Each day is so tough. They work flat out day and night. There are millions to be made. They don’t want to miss out. Negotiating cuts for lucrative contracts, organising bank drops in the Cayman Islands, negotiating positions on boards and advisory roles to step into when they retire, networking for future career opportunities, purchasing and destroying burner phones. It takes so much time and effort. Then there is all that annoying business of trying to govern the country, deal with a pandemic, cover up for Brexit failures and blunders. So annoying. Fortunately Covid has stopped them from having to be accountable for their ineptitude and Johnson is refusing to allow any of them on any media show that might ask awkward questions. Parliament is not functioning because of social distancing. So nobody is being held to account; nobody is being quizzed over mistakes; nobody is investigated, scrutinized or questioned. It frees them all for the main job – which, of course, is making lots of money and stuffing it off-shore!! Aaah the life of a Tory!! So hard!!

Having clogged the BBC with Tories and owning the newspaper so that they do a nice job of pouring out Tory propaganda, helps such a lot! and the people are believing it too! Still 6 points up in the polls.

Can do exactly what they want!! No accountability!!

So we have another 33,074 new cases with another 100 dead.

Meanwhile, out in the States the Trumpist Baptists don’t believe in Covid! No siree!! You don’t wear a mask in their services. Jesus protects them all!! Lordy Lordy!! Masks are banned!! Why get vaccinated when Jesus loves you!! Forget science – God protects the faithful! Which is exactly the reason why, in the Trumpist States the hospitals are clogged and people are dying like flies.

Evolution works!! The unfittest are being weeded out!! Trump better make a come-back soon while he’s still got some supporters left! Perhaps they’ll change the holy water to bleach!!

Sometimes the sheer ignorance and stupidity of people amazes me.

Yes, the earth is flat, we never went to the moon, the UN white hats are all rapists, Democrats eat babies and the alien lizards are in charge!

Stupid uneducated, brainwashed fools!!

Covid loves tight packed churches without masks and everybody delirious shouting out in tongues!! Go on – Jesus loves you. He’s coming back tomorrow!! He’ll be coughing his lungs up with the rest of you.

What can Biden do about ingrained stupidity??

Over here the old folk are being preyed upon by fraudsters trying to sell them jabs!

In Germany an antivaxxer nurse was injecting people with saline. I think that counts as murder.

In the UK they estimate that the vaccine has already saved 84,000 lives!!

Mind you Johnson has killed 131,000!!! While Jacinda Ardern has managed to keep the total deaths down to 26!!

We wouldn’t be in this mess if he had acted quickly, brought in border controls and quarantine, locked down sooner, opened up later, not brought in silly eat out and back to work schemes, locked down soon, not allowed the Indian variant in and given T&T to a competent organisation – like the NHS.

We elected a plonker – now we are paying the price!!

The trouble is that people are gullible. They believe all that jolly Boris shit, all those silly lying soundbites – oven-ready, world-beating. He’s a world-beating liar, a self-serving chancers and an over-privileged nincompoop!!

You can see how daft people are by the way all the covid myths continue – it can make you infertile, it’s unproven, it’ll kill your baby. Yeah right – and we never went to the moon, Trump was on the side of working Americans and there is no global warming!!

Stay safe!! We are being led by morons who are making a fortune for themselves!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 506

  1. I have been avoiding the news like crazy. I can see nothing has changed! Good to see you in fine fettle, Opher. 🙂

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