Tory Greed and Callousness Deliberately Bred into them?

So as Johnson splashes out £100,000 on art for his flat (partly paid for by us), , splashed out £200,000 on a flat make-over (£30,000 from us and the rest from Tory donors? – £840-a-roll wallpaper, a £9,800 Baby Bear sofa, a £3,000 Lily Drum table), goes on lavish exotic holidays (all paid for by Tory donors – who, of course, do not want anything in return), offers up secret meetings with businessmen for £250,000 donation) and lives the life of Reilly with lavish food, wine and champagne, while masquerading as a ‘man of the people’, a jolly good laugh, he, and his Tory colleagues, are taking £20 a week off the poorest members of society, throwing them into extreme poverty and mental anguish.

In short – they don’t care!

They lack empathy.

These people are viewed not as people but as trash, losers, life’s jetsam and flotsam. A drain on society.

The truth is that Tories despise the poor and the public servants. Anybody who is not looking to make huge money (at any price) is a loser. They view public servants as parasites. Caring is a weakness.

For these Tories life is all about making their millions at any cost. As we see with Cameron, Osborne and their multimillion pound incomes (We’re all in it together – what a laugh). We see it with the corrupt and sleazy deals. We see it with the burner phones being dumped. We see it with the desire to control and suppress. We see it with the tax cuts for the rich and the way that tax loopholes are left untouched. We see it with the pay freezes and pay cuts for Nurses and Teachers. We see it with the immoral profiteering over Brexit and Covid.

They see nothing wrong in making huge sums of money out of other peoples’ misery. Cold, calculated and uncaring.

The people who die, whose lives are wrecked, are collateral damage in life’s game. If they had anything about them they’d be making millions and screwing everyone else. That’s life – winners and losers.

So where does this come from? This lack of empathy? This ruthlessness? This greed?

Simply – are they are severely damaged by a lack of love? Emotionally stunted? Taught that emotions and people do not count? That life is a game and they are superior – and superiority means winning at all costs (even if that hurts others or causes immense damage)?

How many Tories have made millions out of Covid and Brexit? The list is long!

They are brought up in wealthy families where parents are distant and ‘Nanny’ provides the care. They lack the hugs and kisses necessary to provide a healthy emotional life.

They are sent off to private schools where loveless austerity rules. They are taught to be superior and arrogant. They are taught how to fool and manipulate. They are taught all the skills to achieve. They are taught all the etiquette and rules, the social mores and codes that set them apart, the attitudes of the ‘successful’ rulers, but none of the emotions or empathy.

If you care; if you think about others and the effect of your actions, you will lose. Life is about winning.

They are taught to not care and that they are superior and deserve it; that the plebs are inferior and deserve all that’s coming. That’s life. It’s brutal.

Mummy and Daddy turn up in their posh cars and shake hands.

They become sociopathic, even psychopathic, because those are the qualities that are rewarded.

So Johnson and Cameron see nothing wrong in the excesses of their lifestyles and the extravagance. They see nothing wrong in the lies, the sleaze, corruption or immorality. It is what they have been taught. They deserve it. They are winners.

They see nothing wrong in the pay cuts, the child poverty, the austerity and hardship they create. They deserve it. They are losers.

These people are emotionally crippled. Their lack of empathy and caring has been deliberately bred into them.

That’s the cruel reality of elitism.

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