The Corona Diaries – Day 505

Another pleasant day in Yorkshire for a walk up the hill. The wildflowers have mainly turned to seed, the plants are dying back, drying in the sun and have lodged because of the rain. It has started to have a feel that summer is coming to an end. I like summer. i don’t want it to go. I like this beach-bum weather. I can get up sling on some shorts, sandals and T-shirt and I’m ready for the day – none of this multilayered business in order to keep warm. I hate winter!! I can already feel its cold, dank fingers. Urrrrrggggghhh.

I was out this afternoon at my middle son’s so not much progress on the Roy Harper book. Too many distractions. Not enough time! I don’t know where the time all goes. It seemed that I had more of it when I was young – less obligations, less work, less maintenance.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the sleaze continues. It seems Cameron was not just involved with a $10 million jolly for Greensill but also other equally shady bits of business – Illumina wins £234 million contract after he lobbies Hancock. How many more multimillion pound bits of business has he been involved in?? The ‘We’re all in it together’ man has been raking in tens of millions by illegally lobbying his ex-colleagues. It’s a joke. There’s an article reporting on how Boris Johnson is already in line to pull in even more millions than Cameron and Osborne. There’s another article about the secret Tory cabal that has been operating to give Tory friends huge contracts. Brexit and Covid have provided these sleazy, corrupt politicians to make fortunes for themselves, family and friends. It’s so blatant, they don’t even care!!

Never has there been such a grotesque level of arrogant self-interest.

Politics has become a means to making a personal fortune – yet thyese people are supposed to be tirelessly working for the good of the country.

These people are the ones robbing £20 a week off the poorest members of society – because we can’t afford it!

We can afford £100,000 on artwork for Johnson’s flat. We can afford wallpaper at £840 a roll – but we can’t afford dinners for starving kids.

These are the scum who have brought in pay cuts for nurses, teachers and all other public servants, because we can’t afford it. But we can afford pay rises for politicians, a stupid new yacht costing £250 million. We have no need to raise the tax levels for the highest earners so they can contribute. We have no need to block the tax loopholes so that the wealthy are still able to stuff money in the Cayman Islands tax-free.

It’s easy to see where the scummy priorities of these sociopathic politicians are – sleazy self-interest and callous control of the plebs.

Makes me furious.

Where is Starmer???? Why isn’t he all over the media protesting about these sleaze and corruption? The only thing I heard him protesting about was the alpaca Geronimo who has to be put down because of tuberculosis!! What the fuck???? I think there are bigger issues!!

The Tories have used the crisis of Covid to cover the shocking mess of Brexit. They have used the Covid crisis and Brexit in order to make absolute fortunes for themselves and their cronies. Some of them have made millions out of Brexit and Covid. How is this possible? How is this tolerated? How is this legal?

With another 29,612 cases yesterday and 104 deaths it is clear that the pandemic is not going away!

Bad news for antivaxxers – It is also clear that the vaccine provides protection against serious illness and death but the vaccinated can still become moderately ill with the Indian Variant (remember – the one stupid Johnson deliberately allowed into the country so he could get a trade deal with India) and, to a lesser extent, pass it on to others. This means that even a fully vaccinated country is going to be swimming with virus and producing variants. It means that the unvaccinated are increasingly at risk of severe illness, hospitalisation, ventilators and death. Nearly all the deaths are among the unvaccinated and the great majority of those on ventilators! Is this natural selection in operation? Is nature weeding out the unfit? Are antivaxxers the unfit? It would seem so!

The debate is – do we give a third jab to the vulnerable or donate vaccine to 3rd world?

Stay safe! We’re in the hands of greedy bastards!! They’ll do what makes them most popular or richer!!

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