Poetry – Project Fear Becomes Reality

Project Fear Becomes Reality

Project fear becomes reality

Shedding its scales of doom.

As businesses and organisations flee

And thoughts of more austerity loom.

The country split into civil war

The warning is so stark.

Overdependence on inward investment

Leaves the future dark.

A country of a thousand cuts

Stares into the abyss.

As those who created all this mess

Are giving it a miss.

Opher – 20.11.2018

The reality is that firms are leaving in droves, investors are investing elsewhere and the bubble of inward investment that keeps the economy artificially afloat is sailing away and jumping ship.

Project fear was real.

Our economy has dragged along the bottom. Austerity rules as cut after cut decimates all our public services – and this is the best it gets. From here on in it gets worse.

Britain will no longer be the jumping off place to get into Europe.

The abyss yawns.

We are heading to drop down into a second-rate nation.

And where are the architects of this disaster?

Well Cameron and Osbourne are lining their pockets and nowhere to be found.

Boris is feeding his ego and looking for self-promotion.

Gove is loving the lime-light.

Rees-Mogg is transferring his assets abroad.

They’ve left you and me in the mess that they created.


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