The Corona Diaries – Day 500

A stormy day in Yorkshire with rain lashing down!! Torrential downpours like tropical monsoons.

I’ve been indoors, writing, editing and playing some John Lennon. Not much else to do on a day like this.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our clown is still making the same old stupid mistakes. This time he’s riling up the Scots. Not only is he rudely refusing to meet with Nicola Sturgeon (Tories never want to listen to anybody else) but he goes singing the praises of Margaret Thatcher and how she decimated communities by shutting the coal mines in her attempt to crush trade unions so that working people can be properly exploited!! Damn commies!!

He’s a complete idiot!! He puts his foot in it every time. No wonder they won’t allow him on the TV or radio. He’s only allowed scripted teleprompted addresses. Boris the clown with half a brain. I’ll ask Nazarene Radcliffe how highly she rates him.

I liked Chris Riddell’s Billy Idiot cartoon – sums the fool up – and this is the clown in charge of the country!! Heaven help us!!

In the land of idiocy, where Brexit has already cost us £134 billion, where the extremist clowns continue to line their own pockets, where sleaze vies with idiocy for supremacy, we find that there was a Blueprint to fight an airborne pandemic after all – but the incompetent fools had lost it, didn’t consult it and instead panicked and made blunder after blunder.

The Blueprint was drawn up following the SARS pandemic in 2005. It sat there detailing exactly what needed doing – the border controls, stopping of superspreader events, PPE, masks, everything!! If our imbeciles in charge had dug it out and followed it how many thousands of lives might have been saved? How many billions of pounds would have been saved?

Oh – silly me – they would not have been able to doll out all those multimillion pound contracts to their chums!!

So here we are – a rise in new cases to 31,808, another 92 deaths. A sad indictment of a government failure. Billy Bunter Idiot the clown has cost this country dearly. One wonders how many more blunders he can make. Another trip to Scotland and they’ll probably break away without bothering with a referendum. He’ll do the same to Ireland and Wales and with a bit of luck the North of England might declare independence and rejoin the EU leaving the rabid right-wing scum to sink out of sight!

The wonder of the vaccination program has paled as our vaccination rates stagnate and we are overtaken by six countries in the EU. The silly antivaxxer movement is pouring out its lies and stupidity, its conspiracy theories and nonsense, and out cretins in charge, instead of putting out the science, are resorting to bribes and threats!

So the hospitals are filling with the unvaccinated – as predicted!!

What a bunch of wankers!!!

Stay safe!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 500

  1. Opher, you are only half right about Thatcher crushing trade unions. Thatcher was an early greenie. The Huffington Post has it right: “Boris Johnson has been urged to apologise after he praised Margaret Thatcher for giving the UK a “big early start” in the green revolution by shutting coal mines.” Scargill didn’t help the miners’ case, of course.

    Johnson is a greenie – like you. And an authoritarian, too. He doesn’t care a damn about people whose livelihoods are damaged by his, or his predecessors’, bad laws. But the resistance to UK green policies is starting at last: If you can’t work out how to download the PDF, I can send you a copy.

    In other news, today I have updated my “magic spreadsheets” and hope to have a COVID report out in two days. I’m actually quietly optimistic.

    1. No she was not a greenie at all. She completely backtracked. Read the Ridley report. Crushing the miners was one option out of three to destroy the Trade Union movement – it was the power workers, transport or miners. They planned it and chose the miners. Very cold, cynical and barbaric with absolutely nothing to do with green power.
      Johnson’s not green. He’s a lying chancer populist who goes where the wind blows. You’re right that he doesn’t care.
      As for the costs of going green – I take that with a big pinch of salt. Economy of numbers will reduce all costs substantially. Even you can’t be turning a blind eye to the massive impact of planetary warming. If the Gulf Stream is affected you will need another ten sets of thermals and an ice cutter. The cost of not going green will be measured in millions of deaths, floods, fires, heatwaves, droughts, polar conditions and hurricanes. Some choice.

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