The Corona Diaries – Day 497

Beautiful sunny day in Yorkshire. We headed off to do some walking and discovery at the coast. Wanted to pop in on a few little places that we’d never seen. We started off having a walk along the coast at the little cove of Blaughton. The cliffs were fantastic. We were heading off to a few more tiny places on the way home but called in to Scarborough for a pie and pint and ended up walking around Peasholm Park and got waylaid. The other coves will have to wait for another day.

Back home I’m doing a bit of editing and listening to some early Kinks. Great stuff.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our invisible clown is busy not leading – probably guzzling! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a leader who was regularly out there leading – telling the country what is going on and what his plans are. The trouble is that the gaffe meister is a bumbling fool. If he goes on TV he ends up muddling, making things up and lying. He’s pathetic at knowing what’s going on and can’t explain anything. When you listen to a real leader, like Jacinda Ardhern, they are clear, concise and make sense. How have we been lumbered with this lazy lying idiot?

This virus has not gone away. We had 21,691 new cases yesterday – that’s the official number though, with reduced testing, I bet the real number is a lot higher! Our deaths have jumped to 138! These levels in high summer when people are outside and places are well ventilated does not promise well for the winter!

I noticed that New York has introduced stringent vaccination passports. If you are not vaccinated you are not allowed to go into public areas – like restaurants, clubs and fitness centres. Some countries has said that you can’t work in public places without vaccination. We seem to be dithering about as usual as Johnson sits on the fence. He needs to start making some decisions.

The covid app has been tweaked to give less pings. How was that done exactly? You were either close to someone with covid or not I would have thought. How can they adjust that?

The EU puts £800 billion towards covid recovery. The Tories put 25p and cut all public servants salaries!!

Our supermarket shelves are depleted due to a lack of drivers – the result of Brexit and covid. I don’t remember that being on the side of a bus?? Perhaps they should have been more honest:

Vote Brexit – pay more for less. Have a pay cut. Allow the rich to get richer and give control to the lying Eton Schoolboys!

Stay safe!! It’s another day tomorrow!!

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