Amnesty International Anoosheh Ashoori’s imprisonment in Iran

This didn’t quite come out the way it should have – but please give it a read and act!

Visual with two polaroid frames against a dark background with 1. photo of Anoosheh with his daughter, Elika, and wife, Sherry 2. photo of Anoosheh and Sherry. Text reads: "Prime Minister: Anoosheh's family deserve a meeting"
Anoosheh has been in prison for 4 yearsView in browser

My name is Sherry Izadi. August 13 marks four years of my husband, Anoosheh Ashoori’s imprisonment in Iran. I wrote to you a few months ago about Anoosheh and the truly desperate situation that he is in. Thank you, for taking action and signing the petition for his release.
This is a difficult time for my family. The past four years have been nothing short of hell for all of us. My husband has been subjected to torture and constant threats, his health has deteriorated dramatically, and he is held in a dirty, overcrowded, and vermin infested cell, at constant risk of contracting new variants of COVID-19. 
The British government continues to do nothing. Boris Johnson says the plight of Anoosheh and other arbitrarily-detained British nationals in Iran “remains a top priority”.  

Yet actions (or rather lack of them) speak louder than words. It’s now more than a year since our family requested a meeting with the Prime Minister. We are told he is unable to meet us.

On this anniversary of Anoosheh’s arrest, we are again seeking a meeting with the Prime Minister. We plead with him to meet us and show he genuinely cares about the fate of my husband, a British citizen

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The UK government must act now to help secure the release of British citizens who are arbitrarily imprisoned and abused abroad. 

Thank you
Sherry Izadi

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