The Corona Diaries – Day 495

Today has been another cool gloomy day in Yorkshire. I stayed in all day working on the Harper book, editing and sorting photos. It’s very time consuming but I’m getting there. While I was working I’ve been playing the fabulous Lifemask album. The Lord’s Prayer gets better every time I listen to it.

I took a late afternoon walk in order to take some photos of the caterpillars. There were a number of cinnabar moth and tortoiseshells or the ragwort and nettles.

I also photographed the areas that the farmers decimated yesterday. They must have killed thousands.

If we want butterflies we have to provide areas for them to both feed and for their caterpillars to grow. It we then come along and macerate the wildflowers and caterpillars there will be nothing left. What with the spraying and mowing it’s a wonder there is any wildlife left!

It makes me fume!!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland nothing is happening to reduce my blood pressure. The government continues to hide its incompetence and bad management, along with the damage of Brexit, behind a covid smokescreen.

They are after bringing in a Border Control Policy that is just window-dressing for their rabid supporters:

Life imprisonment for people smugglers – a draconian sentence for people who live in foreign countries and will never be caught!! A joke!!

Prison sentences for all immigrants!! A big hammer to crush those who have already lost everything.

This is called caring one-nation Toryism – or is it fascism?

The only people who are going to get caught up in this are the unfortunate victims. The real bastards are counting their money in some tropical paradise. Typical Tory stupidity.

So take the survey and tell them what you think of their vicious, ineffective window-dressing:

Take our Borders Bill Survey | Conservatives

Yesterday the covid cases were up to 24,470, hospital entry was up and deaths were up to 71. This is far from over.

While so many of the younger set are not getting jabbed, out of complacency or fear spread by right-wing propaganda, we are not going to reach herd immunity.

The government knows this and knows that their waning popularity will take a bigger dive if they do not get on top of this soon. That is why they are issuing the threat of Codid passports for travel abroad, clubbing, critical workers and football matches (backed up by many firms demanding double jabs for their staff). They are also now looking to bribe people with incentives. They are getting desperate!

Hey Johnson!! You shouldn’t have allowed the Indian variant in in the first place!! Moron!!!

That’s why I’m still isolating and reducing my risks! Social distancing and masks inside! Avoiding inside places!

Stay Safe!!

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