The Corona Diaries – Day 494

Strange day for the last day in July. It was cooler, cloudy and dour in the morning. It then rained in the afternoon. Some sort of storm coming through. It feels as if summer is already seeping away! Surely not?

I think I might move to Portugal! They don’t have Brexit or Johnson. That’s got to be a bonus. They also have plenty of warmth and sunshine. Though, I suppose, with global warming they might well have far too much heat, too much drought and bushfires.

Shame about life. You only get one choice and you have to live with it.

In the morning we walked into Driffield for a coffee, scone and ice-cream! Very naughty!

This afternoon I’ve been working on the Roy Harper photos for the book. I think I’ve got a clear direction, slotting things in. The writing is pretty much there. Another few months and it’ll be ready. The book is a memoir of a relationship. I think it is working well. We’ll see.

I stopped to watch the rugby. A poor match.

Meanwhile out in Coronaland we are in a muddle. We are up to 26,144 new cases today with 71 deaths. That is likely a gross underestimate. People are discarding apps and not testing. The real numbers are going to be much higher.

We are now in the goldilocks zone for creating vaccine resistant variants. 60% of population vaccinated, 40% not. The virus spreads fast among the unvaccinated and mutates fast. The vaccinated are a meal ready to be eaten if it can produce a vaccine dodging mutation. We’ve dumped social distancing and masks. The young think they are invulnerable and are mixing freely. The virus is gleefully spreading.

Johnson and the morons must be holding their breath. Are we going to produce a monster that will put us back to square 1 and kill another 100,000; a virus we will export around the world to kill millions; or will we get away with it? It’s a gamble.

The only way out is herd immunity – to get the population up to 80-90% vaccinated. But the young are selfishly/stupidly being slow to vaccinate.

Some are scared. They think the vaccine is untested. Aren’t 100s of millions of successfully vaccinated people sufficient?

Some are believing the stupid right-wing propaganda that started with Trump and was spread to keep the economy open to make money for rich people.

Some are religious fanatics who do not believe science. They are as bad as the Taliban. They forsake science and drag us back to medieval days if they could!

At present there are no variants. The young are ending up in hospital in increasing numbers, some dying and many going on to long covid and severely damaged heart and lungs.

The government is desperate for them to get vaccinated. They know that having 40% unvaccinated is a disaster. Sooner or later we come up with a deadly variant.

Many would like to believe the internet nutters rather than science.

In the States the take up of vaccines is worse. The virus is spreading fast among the unvaccinated morons. 98% of hospital admissions are among the unvaccinated yet there are still people who believe Trump; still stupid Republicans who are speaking out against vaccination. They are killing people. Some people are taking on disguises to go and get vaccinated so their friends don’t know! Cowards!!

The government are bringing in vaccine passports. If you want to travel, go out clubbing or travel abroad – you will need vaccinating.

If we are to gain our freedom and prevent further variants – YOU NEED VACCINATING. The silliness of antivaxxers is keeping us locked down and putting us all at risk.

In a stupid world, where this silly antiscience rules, where fear trumps common sense, where right-wing propaganda (aimed at making money for themselves) trumps intelligence, the future is in the balance.

Will we reach herd immunity?

Will we create a deadly variant?

Time will tell!

Stay safe!!

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