The Corona Diaries – Day 491

We had friends coming around for lunch so I had an early walk up my mountain. A bit cloudy but the sun did come out to briefly shine on me.

Not much to see in terms of wildlife. Everything was still. I think we’re expecting a storm!

Back home I haven’t had time to do anything other than clear up!

Seeing friends was great. We had chance to talk through politics and music. I’ve been missing these exchanges! It’s been a bleak hiatus for this last year and a half.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the effects of Johnson’s reckless easing of all rules may be starting to be glimpsed. The cases rose to 23,511 – up 18% in a day. The hospital rates are still rising and there were another 91 deaths.

The question is whether this is the start of a new wave or just a blip.

I reckon the effects of pubs and nightclubs, coupled with a lot of vaccine hesitancy in the young, will result in a big increase! We’ll see!

Part of me wants a big rise in cases just so we can get rid of this liability called Johnson!! But then we’d still be lumbered with this incompetent bunch of extremists!

Covid passports are beginning to appear. Football grounds, travel, nightclubs and restaurants are all in the running. The question is as to whether this is an infringement of civil liberties or a health precaution.

I go for the health precaution.

The industries are weighing it up. They know I’m not going to out to any event full of unvaccinated fools. I will only go where it’s safe. Despite being double jabbed I will still take care. If people are double jabbed I will go. If not I won’t. There are millions like me. In order to make a profit they need us!

The passport will come in one way or another!

Johnson and Patel are setting out to eradicate crime by coming down hard on criminals and putting them in chain gangs. Haven’t we heard this before? Doesn’t it come out of every Tory conference? Don’t they know it always fails? If this tough approach worked America wouldn’t have jails full of hardened criminals and people ‘murdered’ on death row.

When will they start applying 21st century psychology instead of pandering to a bunch of extreme right-wingers and bible bashers from three thousand years back (it’s the old testament).

None of these criminals think they are going to be caught. The idea of a deterrence is pandering to the right. Why not deal with the underlying problems – like gross inequality!

Still, I suppose it’s cheaper than levelling up.

So as we open up foreign travel – hang on to your seats – don’t breathe!

Stay safe!

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