The Corona Diaries – Day 487

A cloudy though warm day in Yorkshire.

I have started editing my Harper book and adding photos and so decided to use the mornings to work. It was frustrating work – not being able to find the photos I wanted and organising myself. I’ve got plenty of Roy Harper photos but none from the early years – if only I’d taken along a camera!!

Anyway I’m on page 40 so I am making progress.

I’ve been playing some Ian Dury to cheer me along. Lord Upminster is not an album I play a lot but I enjoyed it.

This afternoon I took my walk up the village mountain (all of 30 floors – according to my fitbit). A kestrel shrieked at me. That was unusual. Everything is drying out and a lot of the wildflowers have gone to seed. They were harvesting in the fields. That feels early to me. It must be because of the really hot spell we’ve just had.

Meanwhile, out in coronaland the easing of restrictions continues. The cases are going down even though the hospitalisation (up 28% in a week) and deaths (64 – up 45% in a week). The cases in our area are way above the national average. Friends were going to come over for a walk and meal in the garden but cried off because of the risk.

I was delighted to see Milliband ripping into Johnson in the commons. About time he was taken to task for his lamentable lies about Brexit and Covid. He’s been appalling. The public are only now beginning to see what a slimy, devious shit he really is. In the paper today a poll said that he was dishonest and couldn’t be trusted. It took long enough for them to discover that!!

Gareth Southgate has produced a letter urging young people to get vaccinated. I think they’ll take a lot more notice of him than Johnson. They know he can be trusted. He’s a far better leader!!

So, we have another panicky move as they U-turn and allow a whole slew of essential workers to test daily instead of isolating – nurses, police, drivers. About time. Once again they were caught out. They hadn’t thought it through. They allowed the virus to run riot but hadn’t thought of the implications – the huge number of pings and people having to isolate. It then took them too long to sort out what to do about it. The story of the pandemic!

You’d think a room full of the most intelligent, informed people in the land would do better than this!! Aaaaah – if only we had a room full of the most intelligent, clever, informed people!! Instead with got a clown and a bunch of rabid retards running the place. They probably spent the time complaining about Brexit and trying to blame the EU for the deal they signed and Johnson said was oven-ready and a Great Deal for Britain and Europe, instead of trying to deal with the pandemic!!

Fucking Brexit!!! That is what has landed us with this bunch of extreme right-wing morons who can’t punch their way out of a soggy paper cup!! That’s why we were unprepared!! That’s why there are 130,000 deaths!!

Stay Safe!!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 487

  1. Well Opher, down in my neck of the woods today has been a non-day.

    Yesterday was beautiful; a 3 mile walk along the towpath to a pub, the first time I have set out to walk to a pub in almost 18 months. The pub has changed hands, and seems to have gone up-market – veggie and “woke.” Back down (up) the towpath to my first Wetherspoon meal for 16 months. It hasn’t changed much – and even some of the same staff are still there! Oh, and on the walk back down the towpath I saw a big grey heron.

    But today… Thunderstorms from 4 to 6 am. Circling around constantly, but none actually coming within a mile or so. The rain was something else, though. Have you ever watched when a tap is turned off – the drops fall less and less often, but they are bigger and bigger? That’s exactly what happened with this rain. Monsoon to dry in about 15 seconds.

    The Met Office has promised thunderstorms most afternoons for the last week and more. (And this afternoon, too). Yet, they haven’t happened – the cricketers have been able to carry on playing! I suspect they are trying to apply “climate models” to weather prediction. And they don’t work; they virtually always “run hot” and give pessimistic weather predictions. I’m even thinking about starting a weather diary, comparing Met Office predictions for my immediate area and for South-East England with what actually happened.

    1. Hi Neil, it’s good to get to the pub isn’t it? Though I’m keeping well outside. The covid levels are rising fast around here. I’m glad you see ‘Woke’ as upmarket – meaning catering for a more discerning clientele. I wouldn’t eat at Wetherspoons if you paid me.
      We’ve had a small threat of storms but nothing materialised. The weather forecasts seem quite accurate here – though thunderstorms are notoriously difficult to predict. They tend to be so localised.

  2. Yes, it’s good to get to the pub again! Both the pub and the Wetherspoon are very well ventilated, so I’m not too worried. But I think you mis-understood what I said about “woke.” I live just far enough from London for there to be a detectable divide between the local people and “the London set.” (With London commuters sitting somewhere in the middle). The pub in question has always been a locals’ pub up to now, but the new management look to be aiming more at the tastes – and the wallets – of those who come down from London for the day or for the week-end. It is these urban elites that tend to be “woke” in their views. For me, it isn’t that they are discerning; it’s just that, compared with the locals, they have more money than sense.

    Anyway, I’ve started the weather diary. I plan to summarize the forecast each day in the morning. Then to check the next day against what actually happened. Could be interesting.

    1. London is a weird bubble – lots of affluence and lots of poverty!
      Covid has taken its toll in the village. The hairdresser at the top of our road has just closed!! That’s a disaster!!
      I’d be interested to see what your forecast and reality come out like. Ours aren’t too bad on the whole – based on a cursory look!

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