The Corona Diaries – Day 484

The cloudy, cool weather in the morning gave way to a beautiful sunny afternoon – perfect for a walk up my hill as there was a pleasant sea breeze keeping the temperature perfect!

It was a stunning day. The heat had brought all the butterflies out. There were ringlets doing mating dances in the air, meadow browns, large whites, tortoiseshells, skippers and cinnabar moths. I found some cinnabar moths mating and a fabulous poplar hawk moth that I took home to photograph.

When I reached my field with my horses (now two) there was a kestrel that took to hovering just above my head. Fabulous.

The thistles were out in bloom along with ragwort and cornflowers. The wild orchids were dying back.

It felt like all was right with the world.

Then walking back the brown, dead mown verges, lifeless and drab, brought me back down. Why do they have to destroy what’s good?

Meanwhile, out in coronaland the government is panicking. Half of them are isolating or suffering from covid, scientists are telling them that this easing is a disaster, the kids are going mad in nightclubs, the pubs are packed; it’s perfect conditions for transmission!

So much for irreversible. They are already talking about tightening up – masks indoors, nightclubs shut. It will be too bloody late as usual!

Too early!! Too late!! Too stupid!!

Let me see now – we’ll introduce vaccination passports for nightclubs. But we won’t bring it in until the end of September! By the end of bloody September they’ll have all bloody caught it!!

It’s like the Indian fiasco – we’ll shut down the border – in a month’s time and just allow half a million in without any checks.

All we get fed is the stupid lying sound bites – ‘Take back control’ ‘Oven-ready deal’ ‘Eat out to help out’ ‘Irreversible’ ‘Fix Social Care once and for-all’ …………… THERE IS NO SUBSTANCE!!!! It’s all lies!!

Then we have Cummings’ revelations – the vacillation, the control by the extreme right, the control by princess Nut-Nut, the callous disregard for the over 80s – let the bodies pile up – the going for herd immunity, the resistance to science.

It why we locked down too late, jettisoned covid victims into the Care Homes, brought in those silly reopening schemes that set the second wave off, allowed the Indian variant and are now opening up again far too soon!!! It’s like watching a Blackadder sketch!

Stay Safe!! The nutters control the madhouse!

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