My walk today – beauty and the trashed verges!!

A walk of up and down!!

First there was the beauty – the wildflowers, the cranesbill, cornflower and wild orchids. The nectar for butterflies and the seeds for birds.

Then there are the fabulous views over the farms, the rolling wolds, out to the sea.

Then there was the devastation. The fucking farmers flattening the whole place, mowing it flat, destroying the flowers, killing the insects and displacing all the wildlife. Leaving behind a desolate wasteland. It make me so angry. There is so little natural habitat to start with – only the hedgerows and verges remain – and they come along and ravage. How are the birds and creatures meant to survive>

14 thoughts on “My walk today – beauty and the trashed verges!!

    1. Hi Pooj. So good to hear from you. It’s been ages. I do not receive your posts anymore. Are you still blogging? What’s happened with your studies?

      1. I’m not sure why you’re not receiving my posts- maybe because I changed my domain. It’s now maybe it’ll work if you subscribe to that.
        I’m in my final year of studies and almost done with my degree and yes I’m still blogging. How have you been?

      2. Hi Pooj, Yes that’s probably it! I’ve tuned in to your new domain and refollowed.
        I hope your studies are going well and you’re preparing to go out and sort the whole world out! I’m still trying.
        This year has been a strange one for me in lockdown and isolation. I’ve been doing a lot of writing and secured a publishing deal. My book comes out on Amazon on the 29th – 6 days time!! So that’s exciting holds promise. Lockdown was not wasted. I just need a deal for my Scifi stuff. We’ve avoided the dreaded covid and I’m really pissed off with the politics – apart from that everything is good.
        I bet it has been really difficult for you with the travel situation. Have you been in Canada or Kenya?

      3. Okay great hopefully you should get my posts now!

        Wow that’s wonderful congratulations on the book! I’m glad you were able to make the best of the lockdown and be productive. I’m pissed off with the politics and climate change too.
        I haven’t been able to go back to Kenya yet unfortunately. I’m still finishing up my last few courses in university but hope to travel back soon. Travelling is definitely quite difficult at the moment.

      4. Cheers Pooj. It is great to get a publishing deal. We’ll see how the book does!!
        I was wondering if you had become stranded with covid. Travel is difficult and dangerous. Have you managed to get jabbed yet?

      5. I got my first one a little while ago and I’m currently trying to get my second one as soon as possible. What about you?

      6. We’re both thankfully double jabbed which means that we feel quite confident. It has reduced our risk substantially.
        If we could get the vaccine rolled out faster around the world it would slow up the mutation rate, hence emerging variants, and we might be able to get back to some kind of normality.
        Glad you have at least one jab Pooj! It’s been a strange year – but I’ve got a lot done – very productive. I’m running out of energy though.

      7. Glad you’ve two have gotten both jabs. Yes, I wish they would do it faster. It’s quite a slow process in Canada unfortunately but hoping to get it any day now!

        I think staying in so much and not being able to live freely has really reduced everyone’s energy these days. Hope you feel more energetic soon as things go back to normal!

      8. Just editing a book. Writing a few pieces for my writing group and reading a bit. Doing good. Hope you get your jab soon!! We’re looking ahead to a third jab booster!

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