Brexit – A disaster – Lost in the FOG of Covid

This bunch of imbeciles lead us into the troubled waters of a hard Brexit with promises of great trade deals and future prosperity. We were told we had an oven-ready deal and everything would be great. Nothing is great. The deal was crap and far from oven-ready. The £350 million a week for the NHS was a joke. We haven’t had a single decent trade deal. The union is breaking up. We have job losses, tariffs, fishermen and farmers in despair, firms moving abroad, prices rising and an army of bureaucrats and lawyers having to be employed. We’ve lost our rights to free travel or to be able to study and work in the 27 countries of the EU. The creative industries have been completely stuffed.

In short – its a disaster. Project Fear has become Project Reality.

But everything is kept hidden in the fog of Covid.

Taking Back Control???

Then there were the lies to all the EU residents living in the UK and the UK people living in the EU that nothing would change. They were welcome. They were lied to and have been hounded out leaving food to rot in fields, people uncared for, restaurants without staff and the NHS short of staff.

What a bunch of cretins!!!!

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