Poetry – Austerity is Over!!

Austerity is Over!!

Austerity is over!!

But not for three more years!!

More cuts are coming

Enough to fuel our fears.

Hospitals and schools,

The courts and our old folk,

Will be suffering for three more years –

It’s got to be a joke!!

They’ll be saving it up for the election.

Then the cuts will magically evaporate.

They’ll raid the old money tree.

Let’s hope it’s not too late.

There’s people going under,

Struggling to survive.

Not that the Tories care

If you’re dead or you’re alive!

Opher 4.10.2018

Call me cynical – but I bet austerity will magically lift before the next election.

Listening to the party conference you wouldn’t believe that the country is in such a mess.

Nothing is working. There’s pot-holes in the roads, not a library or youth club in sight, crime is going through the ceiling, courts and police are slashed to pieces, schools and hospitals are in a mess, the railways are a mess, we have people driving across the country delivering little parcels, we have creeping privatisation creaming off profits for rich investors, we have nobody to wipe old people’s bums. People have had their pay and pensions slashed. People are struggling on a low-pay economy.

But the pay of the wealthy continue to get their pay rises and bonuses.

It’s amazing how quickly ‘we’re all in it together’ changed into ‘the poor will pick up the tab for the greed of the rich’.

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