Racism, The Union Jack, The Flag of St George, Brexit, Patriotism and Nationalism.

I don’t fly the flag of St George or the Union Jack. They are tainted with racism, Empire and the vileness of nationalism. They were taken over by an extreme element of racist, nationalistic thugs.

It is that group of thugs who appear time after time, big bellies out, covered in tats, using the flags of England and the UK to vent their hatred and violence – snarling, shouting and fighting. They are repugnant.

Why is it that whenever England or Britain plays we attract this bunch of Neanderthal morons? They travel abroad and plaster the countries with blood and vomit. The image foreigners have of the British is one of obese, ignorant, stupid, beer-swilling thugs looking for trouble.

Our nations flags have been taken over by far-right groups like the fascist British Movement, National Front and used by populists like Farage and Johnson to stir up false hypocritical patriotism for their own ends.

These morons are stirred up, directed and used.

I despise flags, nationalism and all the division, racism, xenophobia and hatred it evokes.

Brexit and populism have empowered these stupid people. They now think they have a right to despise ‘foreigners’ and ‘foreigners’ to this mindless scum is anyone who has a different coloured skin or a different religion.

How on earth these people, without a brain cell between them, can think they are superior to anybody is beyond me. Morons one and all.

Tolerance, empathy and compassion are unknown to these idiots. Johnson and Farage have harnessed the fear of foreigners, xenophobia and racism. Their language of letterboxes and threats of immigrants flooding the country coupled with fear of terrorism, Islamophobia and a hostile environment has been used to force Brexit through and gain populist support.

Our leaders are as self-serving and obnoxious as they can be.

Johnson’s encouragement of booing against our footballers who were taking the knee against racism is just one example of the nastiness.

Priti Patel’s obnoxious labelling of the antiracist taking a knee as ‘Gesture Politics’ is revealing on the inherent arrogance of the Tory Party and was rightly called out by Tyrone Mings – The Aston Villa defender posted on Twitter: “You don’t get to stoke the fire at the beginning of the tournament by labelling our anti-racism message as ‘Gesture Politics’ & then pretend to be disgusted when the very thing we’re campaigning against, happens.”

The Tory Party is using racism as a tool to activate this vile base of nationalists for their own ends.

We are being led down a nasty path that leads to a worse end. It has already cost this country dear and tarnished everything decent people stand for.

This must be the most extreme government we have ever had hiding behind the buffooning and clownish jolliness of a devious populist whose only real interest is himself.

It’s time we kicked racism out and that starts by booting this unpleasant bunch of nationalists out of power!!

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