The Corona Diaries – Day 474

It was the last day of the Jazz and Blues Festival today. I’ve been with a bunch of girls dancing and listening to some great stuff – Jazz, R&B and Soul. Some great acts.

So incredible to think that here we are in the midst of a pandemic boogieing in the grounds of a Stately Home!!

We had a shower or two but it6 wasn’t too cold! All good!

I had a walk around the incredible gardens and into the Hall. The most lavish carving. The main hall was amazing. On top of that there was the most incredible collection of art. Next to the hall was an old Norman hall. That was incredible too!!

We hurried back for the footie. Fabulous first goal and first half – but then we withdrew into our shell again. We seem to lack that ruthless streak!! Pickford made a couple of amazing saves. Lost ion penalties! Pretty miserable. Not to be.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, perhaps it’s a good thing we lost. Our clown would probably have got in on the act. The elation in the country would have boosted the Tories. Perhaps the misery will wake people up to what a lamentable bunch of bastards they are.

It was not good to see what the football bootboys were up to – breaking into the ground, attacking an Asian guy. I think that’s one of the aspects of Brexit; it’s empowered this bunch of racist, nationalist fascists.

I guess we’re going to suffer now. The scenes around the country were a bit scary. All those young unvaccinated people have been throwing distancing out the window. There will be a huge spike after this. I predict a great surge of new cases, hospital admissions and deaths. I just hope we don’t get a new nasty variant.

When everything goes haywire perhaps it will burst Johnson’s bubble? Every cloud has a silver lining.

Our buffoon has released the catch on the box. The 19th of July looms as the pandemic worsens. It’s irreversible he says. When the NHS is overwhelmed will he still be saying that or will that phrase become as silly as all the other glib soundbites the fool utters. Perhaps we’ll have an over-ready, world-beating reversal?

I think we’re in trouble.

Stay safe. It’s looking shaky.

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