The Corona Diaries – Day 466

Today was a long drive back from Devon. We stopped for lunch in Birmingham with another good friend from way back! It’s been great meeting up with old friends! Thanks Carol, Pete and Bec and Sally!! You make life meaningful! I think friendship is a central plank of life. That and creativity.

Driving from Devon, through Somerset and up through England to Yorkshire is an experience. It’s a beautiful country.

We’ve spent two weeks in the rugged wonder of Cornwall and the beauty of Devon, walking, talking, visiting prehistoric sites, feeling the power of the countryside and feeling harmonised with nature.


I’m full of friends, wine, nature and the thrill of a convincing England win in the Euros!! What a day!!

It’s good to be home though!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our pathetic government tightens its grip on power as we lurch towards a totalitarian state. They are altering electoral boundaries, controlling the media, stuffing the BBC with cronies, quashing protest, stuffing the Lords with Tories and doing the same as China in Hong Kong. Except the population here, bouyed on the euphoria of vaccination are stupidly backing this bunch of extremist morons.

Talk about sheep to the slaughter.

Johnson, the disheveled clown, is orchestrating a populist coup and nobody seems to notice. Brexit is a diabolical mistake. Covid has been completely mismanaged and yet they still back ‘dear old Boris’. Well dear old Boris is a total disaster – a self-serving populist, a gaffe-prone fool. Yet the scarecrow comes over as personable to the fools who support him. He’s presiding over the most incompetent and extreme government in the history of the UK – and that’s saying something! This man, who can’t speak without lying, has no honour and disappears when the going gets rough, is a threat to democracy.

He’s a fool – but he’s a very dangerous fool. He’s led us into a complete mess.

Watching all the England fans hugging and going bonkers with each goal was a great thing for covid!! Sure to be a big spike after that!! The surge in the Delta (Indian) variant (that stupid Johnson allowed in to try to get a trade deal with Modi) is raising the risk of further variants! By the time we get a third jab in Autumn there might be a whole range of new variants. Knowing the incompetence of this bunch of plonkers they’ll leave the borders open and we’ll be back to square one!!

The number of kids going down with long covid (usually ongoing extreme fatigue) means that it is obviously a good idea to vaccinate them. 8 million kids have already been vaccinated in the USA (and around the world) without trouble.

The sooner we get to herd immunity and squash the virus the better.

Antivaxxers are a selfish plague!! So gullible. So prone to fake news.

Those with double jabs are now looking as if they can travel abroad without problems – a vaccine passport is being touted! Good job too! They are also suggesting that those double jabbed do not need to isolate if exposed!! Good to hear!! More fool the antivaxxers!! The fraudsters are already on it – producing fake documentation!!

Maybe the country will change?? Maybe some working from home will become the norm?? Makes sense to me. We would not need as much office space. They could convert offices to much needed flats. We wouldn’t need to much public transport. There would be less pollution. People would waste less time travelling.

We must be getting close to herd immunity now. 45 million – 85% of adult population – have had their first jab and 63.4% of adults have had both jabs. That’s why the hospital admissions are down even though the number of new cases is going through the roof.

I’m hoping that the by election result signals that people have finally woken up to this lamentable bunch of ideological nincompoops. The vaccine euphoria has worn off. People are seeing them as the arrogant sleazy nerds they really are.

When are we going to have an enquiry to finally expose the full scope of their mismanagement???

Stay safe!!

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