The Corona Diaries – Day 465

Another great warm day!! We walked along a different river to the sea!! Fabulous cliffs!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the Tories lost another by-election – so everything is not crap in the world!!

Out in the States they are taking Trump’s Financial manager to court on tax evasion. Hopefully that is just the start. With a bit of luck they’ll dig out all the dodgy deals and tax scams that the scheming snake-oil merchant Trump has been up to. Hopefully they’ll get him locked up before too long!! Behind bars where he belongs!!

I think a few of the lying Republicans could be joining him!

Over here we are still talking about opening up despite the big rise in cases. The hospital cases and deaths are flatlining! We could be OK.

Travel is opening up for all those who are double jabbed. They don’t want to call it a Vaccine Passport but that’s what it is. Rightly so in my opinion. The antivaxxers are a selfish bunch. The vaccine is not only good for individuals (to stop them getting severely ill or dying) but is good for our community too! The only way back to normality is mass vaccination to achieve herd immunity. People who do not vaccinate not only put stress on the health service by getting ill and needing hospitalisation but spread the virus to others! I’d ban all the unvaccinated from public areas. They are keeping us all in quarantine!

They are talking about getting us all triple jabbed in Autumn. Great stuff!! A jab to mop up the variants and produce even greater immunity. I don’t want to die and I don’t want to be on a ventilator!! It is beginning to sound as if they can combine the third jab with the flu jab! Brill!!

Another good bit of news was that a single jab of the Moderna seems to give 76% protection against serious illness.

The other big question is whether to jab kids. If they aren’t jabbed they act as spreaders as well as being a reservoir of the virus that could result in more variants.

The sooner we get the world vaccinated the better!! The antivaxxers would then be the problem – they’d be the reservoir of virus that would generate variants. So what would you suggest we do with these antisocial selfish types??

Stay safe!! The end is nigh!!

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