The Corona Diaries – Day 463

It was a really hot day with lots of blue sky so we went for 20 kilometre walk!! I’m a bit knackered!

In the course of our walk we stopped off for an outside cream tea! Scones, clotted cream, jam and tea! Excellent.

It made me examine how different this might have been from what would have been normal two years ago.

People we passed stood aside to give us space

We ate outside

Inside shops we wore masks

People serving wore masks

There were sanitisers everywhere and lots of washing

Tables and chairs were wiped down with antiviral solutions

Is this enough??

As a biologist I have to look to see if this is sufficient. My verdict is yes and no.

The virus seems to be spread by aerosol – not by touch. The washing hands and wipe downs is good hygiene but is unlikely to do much to slow down transmission.

Eating outside is good. The aerosol is whisked away. Eating inside is much more risky. The better the ventilation the more secure.

Masks are good. Fabric masks don’t stop you getting it but do stop you spreading it. Properly designed PPE works to stop you getting it.

There are many nonsenses! Going into a pub or restaurant you have to wear a mask. Once you are sat you are sat you can take it off!! Madness!! The virus is in aerosol in the air. Unless there is good ventilation you’re going to breathe it!

As a double jabbed person I feel secure. If I do get it I know it is very likely to be mild. I’m willing to take risks. We went to the cinema to see ‘The Father’. We’re going again on Friday to see ‘Nomadland’. We’ll wear masks inside.

We do go in shops but wear masks and limit time inside.

We do avoid people and redsuce our risks.

Outside, in Coronaland, our clown is still in charge! Our number of new cases surges to 26,000. Deaths are going up more slowly – just 14. But time will tell. I think the number of long covid cases might be the most crucial.

In Australia, where there have been no deaths this year! NO DEATHS!! Not ONE!!! They did brilliantly shutting their borders. Now have become complacent. They should have vaccinated. They didn’t. It’s a powder keg. The variant has got in. If it gets out of control They are in big trouble!!

There is no room for complacency with covid.

Stay safe!!

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