The Corona Diaries – Day 455

A day of warmth, cloud and sunshine!! Hot when the sun is out.

I’ve been driving around a lot today!! It’s proved hard to get my required steps in!!

We’re off to visit a good old friend tonight!! (And watch the footie!!)

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our incompetent twat of a PM is still blundering around with his sleazy bunch of lying, cheating cabinet members. I’m about to explode. If I overhear another twerp telling me that nobody could have done a better job I think I will hit someone. Most of the world has done a better job!! Only ignorant populist fascists like Bolsonaro and Trump have done as badly!!

Just ask Jacinda!! She’ll tell you how it should have been handled – just 26 dead – total!! Not 128,000!!

Look at the mess with PPE, Care Homes, late lockdowns, complacency, failed apps, sleazy deals, lack of airport border controls.


Incompetence, useless, inept!!! Sleazy. Corrupt. Self-serving!!

What is up with the bloody public?????? Lucking out with the NHS doing the vaccine does not excuse all the other blunders and lies!!!

As the Brexit lies come home to roost and Project Fear becomes project Reality!! Surely people can see through this fake jolly persona to the lazy, lying bastard behind the façade?? Surely??

It seems that the country is now (due to mass vaccination coupled with those that have already had the virus) approaching 80% immunity!! That is 80% with the antibodies. That must surely be close to herd immunity!!

The cases are still going up though – close to 12,000 a day, but the good news is that hospital cases and deaths are not rising anywhere near as fast. The vaccine is working. The NHS is safe. We can start thinking of coming out of lockdown!!

One nagging worry is that Israel is seeing a rise in cases in people who have vaccinated!! They seem connected with schools and they are talking about vaccinating all the kids!!

It looks like they are working on a booster for the Autumn – probably aimed at the older, more vulnerable – and are looking to roll it out with the flu jab to the elderly!! Sounds good to me. Anything that gives better protection against the variants is good!! I’ll be first in line!!

Stay safe!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 455

  1. The West Australian state I live in has had NO local people die from the effects of Covid so far ( touch wood ) the unfortunate deaths that have occurred here have been people removed from Ocean Cruise ships or transported by the flying doctor service from oil rigs and transport ships and their total deaths have reached 9.
    Our labor ( Australian spelling for labour party ) immediately clamped Dow on all movement around the state about the of mainland Europe closed the borders and airports and even today with eased restrictions it’s still a case of nobody in nobody out and it has obviously worked some sickness at Covid hotels of workers no deaths.
    This was challenged by our coalition government a group of Tory party people who call themselves Liberal the only liberal thing they do is represent business and farming and a sort of inner city upper class.
    Vaccinations are rolling out and hopefully things will better by 2022/3 worldwide, my distant remaining relatives live in the Fylde part of Lancashire where I believe a few dozen people have died in a relatively small area roughly the size of the small shire I live in above the hills of Perth.
    Zero deaths can occur with good political solutions.

    1. It looks to me as if Oz has a far better approach to the virus than our bunch of useless pricks!!

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