Poetry – Jumping Ship

Jumping Ship

The jaguars and minis are rusting in the park.

The money drained away as the country lost its spark.

Company after company is busy jumping ship.

Like rats busy fleeing from the coming dip.

The gateway to Europe is being slammed shut.

Wages will tumble as cut follows cut.

Cutting off our noses, shooting off our feet

As Boris and Mogg lay the seeds of our defeat.

Madness and nationalism rules all their minds

As wheels of more bureaucracy relentlessly grinds.

Opher 19.8.2018

There was always a mad nationalistic rump of the Tory Party who were busy flirting with fascism. Nobody thought they would ever gain ascendancy and actually take over. But they have.

Tories are bad enough but these ideological monsters, harking back to fairy-tale days of empire, are the pits.

They are dragging us down to an impoverished future.

Already companies are heading off to Europe. The wealth is draining away.

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