The Corona Diaries – Day 452

I completely finished my Harper book. Everything edited, proof-read, all photos selected, captions written, cover created and blurb checked. That feels good.

I hope Roy is going to like it! The first book written about him. That’s quite a privilege.

We went to my daughter’s and shared a meal – always good. The drive took us down windy country lanes, up into the moors and over the hills. In the car I’ve been playing some Cream followed by Crosby Stills and Nash. Good driving stuff. Beautiful. We stopped for an ice-cream and stared at the scenery. Life in lockdown is quite good.

I watched the football – predictably a boring draw – and we had a glass of wine or two or three!

For some reason the next morning found me a shade off colour. I put it down to something I ate! We went to watch my granddaughter play football. In the evening we went to see Martin and Eliza Carthy. The first gig we’ve been to since lockdown March 2000.

The roads were crammed.

So much for ‘everything will be different after Covid’. Following that first lockdown when the roads were empty, everybody was indoors, the pollution disappeared from the sky, nature started coming out of hiding and people began to appreciate what a wonderful world we were living in.

How quickly we forget.

I think people are avoiding public transport! The busses and trains are empty.

All the holiday places are packed though. The pubs and restaurants are packed.

Some of the covid rules don’t make any sense and many are being enforced in an arbitrary manner. The football fans are all gathering in large numbers, hugging and carrying on. Nobody is doing a thing about it. Yet people can’t invite people to weddings or funerals, we can’t have parties. For our concert we had to sit well apart and wear masks.

All very odd.

It’s even more strange in restaurants. We went to sit in a pub garden to have a beer. We had to sign in and sit well apart. We went out for a meal inside. We had to wear a mask to walk in. Once seated we could take our masks off. There was no signing in. We were nearly touching the people at the adjacent table. I could almost see the aerosol of virus floating about in the poorly ventilated room. If we hadn’t been double jabbed I’d have been worried!

Thank heavens we have Johnson, Hancock and Harding to keep us safe!! The Hapless, Hopeless and Useless!!

Stay Safe!! Things could be worse!! We could have Trump or Bolsonaro!

One thought on “The Corona Diaries – Day 452

  1. Courts are still closed, people are booked for major crimes and released almost immediately, you wear a mask in a convenience store and you get looked at like the scum of the Earth by mask less patrons. The same people who use Lysol wipes in line on their gallon of milk. Restaurants are crowded to overflowing indoors, but socially distanced outdoors. Pharmacies have people in wheelchairs discussing their heart conditions and diabetes quite loudly with the pharmacist while a line is forming out to the door to pick up prescriptions because their woefully understaffed. People walking around with a mask over their jaw, mouth and nose hanging out (why bother?) waitstaff mumbling through masks to tell you the specials but sneezing into their elbow (mask less) when serving.

    I posted a challenge about “it’s a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong. It’s going by the lyrics and showing how amazing the world can be using my own photos. But I’m sure the same thing could apply with covid photos. Every line could be about covid and the colors of the rainbow would be a picture of a group of people in multicolored masks. The last verse could be a child in a mask, “learning more than I’ll ever know” could be a mask wearing child using hand sanitizer 3x in one shopping trip. It’s a sad and strange new world, but it can still be a wonderful world.

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