Project Fear – Who could have predicted that?

Wouldn’t it have been nice if they had been honest and said – this is the price you will pay for wresting our sovereignty back from the EU and giving it to a bunch of self-serving Eton twats:

Higher prices

shortages of goods

Job losses

lousy trade deals

Enormous hit to the economy

Louse environmental costs of shipping stuff around the world

Firms shutting down

Companies fleeing into Europe

Fishermen hit hard

Farmers hit hard

Massive increase in red tape

Musicians and performers stopped from playing in Europe

Students unable to study/work and travel

Work opportunities restricted

Lower standards

Lower wages and worse conditions

Enormous costs (in tens of billions setting up customs, lorry parks and duplicating all the stuff done in collaboration)

Shortages of workers for hospitals, care homes, fruit and veg pickers, lorry drivers, hotels, restuarants……..

Shipping in workers from India and Africa.

But, of course, all that was PROJECT FEAR!!! It would never happen!!

And all hidden up in the smokescreen of COVID!!!

When will we ever learn???

Johnson, Gove and Farage have cost this country tens if not hundreds of billions! They have divided the nation, created hate and fear and split families and friends. They have empowered rabid nationalists, xenophobes and racists and created a nasty grubby country.

They should all be locked up for the lies they told and the mess they have created!!

So this is GLOBAL BRITAIN??? A country where cronies, profiteers and the wealthy make a killing while everyone else is left with decades of austerity.

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