Poetry – Austerity for the Poor

Austerity for the Poor

Cuts for the nurses.

Cuts for the police.

Cuts in welfare

And those caught underneath.

Bonuses for the bankers,

The profiteers,

The greedy tycoons

And those with sharks teeth.

Not matter how they dress it up

We all know what it’s for –

Free gifts for the wealthy;

Austerity for the poor!

It doesn’t take a genius,

Or the art of prophecy.

It’s always been thus;

That’s Tory policy.


The Tories were set up to look after the interests of the wealthy. That is what they have been successfully doing since 1834.

They make no end of promises, and use all manner of fear tactics and propaganda, but in the end it is always the same.

The wolf has not changed its spots and the fleece is what they do to the poor.

They cut public services, cut welfare and give tax breaks to the wealthy.

They always fail to block up the tax loopholes.

The pandemic has highlighted the policy.

They have doled out massive dollops of tax-payers money to cronies – the wealthy Tory donors – multimillion contracts, fees for fixers, massive salaries for little outcome. At the same time they have cut welfare, cut pay for teachers, police, doctors, nurses and all those on poor pay!!

Austerity for the poor – opulence for the wealthy.

The deserving and the undeserving.

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