The Corona Diaries – Day 442

Fabulous day today – sunshine, bird song, good music, and we’re off to the theatre!! First time since lockdown!!

I’ve been playing some James Varda. Brilliant but always makes me sad to think of what a talent and all-round nice guy we have lost. Tragic. Still, the music is brilliant! That’s how I’ll remember him. I can close my eyes and see him performing on that Roy Harper tour. Such a nice guy!

Meeting up with friends, sharing a meal, seeing a play. It’s almost back to normal. A few gigs would be nice!!

So today we walked up my hill. There was a red kite hovering in the air above us – mystical and beautiful, looking for a meal. A wonderful bird finch with some yellow, cavorted in the road. We watched it and could not work out what it could possibly be. Nature is so wonderful.

The verges were a mass of colour as the succession of wild flowers outshone themselves.

Then, on the way back a tractor was coming up mowing the verging, destroying the flowers, flattening the habitats and annihilating what little bits of nature were left.

Where could it go? How much was gone?

I argued with the man in the tractor. He was just doing his job. I telephoned the council.

There is no hope!!

Meanwhile, back in Coronaland, our incompetent bunch of clowns are doing their level best to mess everything up.

No border controls

Indian variant waved in

Incompetent Tory donor twats put in charge of everything

Test and Trace that doesn’t work

Tracking app a fiasco

Dumping covid into Care Homes

Locking down too late

Cheerleading instead of leading

No honesty or clarity


Politics not science

Lies and more lies

Corruption and money splashed out in billions to Tories

It’s a catalogue of shame. But, hey, it’s Boris, such a jolly chap. Who could have seen it coming?? Ahem – everyone! Nobody else could have done any better! Ahem – lots of leaders did!!

The countries that were prepared and not complacent sorted it!!

So today our new case numbers shot up to over 6000!! The people ending up in hospital are younger. Fortunately, all the variant is more contagious the vaccine is largely holding up. Hospital cases are not (yet) shooting up. We’ll see how it unfolds. There is always a lag.

It looks like they are going to delay a full reopening of restrictions. I think there’s a bit of a panic going on again. A debate between science and politics.

They are saying that the virus will be with us forever and we have to adapt our lifestyles. I don’t believe that – come on G7 get your finger out!! Vaccinate the world!! Let’s put an end to all this!!

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