The Corona Diaries – Day 441

Beautiful and sunny. We had friends around for a lazy lunch. I think I might have got heatstroke – probably it’s the wine!!

I spent the morning preparing and listening to Leonard Cohen. I’m going for a walk later!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, where our gallant leaders are hosting the prestigious G7 and still pretending we are world leaders, the corruption and lies continue unabated and our glorious proletariat continue to support them! I’m not sure what to make of the world at the minute. I don’t think it is very pleasant.

We have idiots booing antiracism because they think it’s Marxist. These people are imbeciles. I don’t think they even know who Marx was or what he stood for. If Marx was to come back now and see these fools he’d probably write Mein Kampf instead!

When did the world become such a fascist, racist place? Was it just Trump and Brexit that has polarised and empowered this bunch of fools? There’s no hope!! They do not know when they are being shafted!

With the new cases running in excess of 5000 a day it appears that hospital cases are not going up greatly. The vaccines are working. Very few vaccinated people are ending up in hospital. Most of the cases are among the young and they don’t seem to get it as badly.

The main problem is no longer death. Long Covid has taken over as the biggest threat. More than 400,000 people are suffering long-term effects – lethargy, shortness of breath, brain fog – some over a year later. It smacks of damage to heart, lungs and brain! Might be permanent!

The other thing we have to worry about is that the vaccine might only provide protection for a short period. It’s effectiveness might already be wearing off!!

Thank heavens we have a great bunch of caring politicians to look after us!! I bet they are crowing about their vaccination program to the G7!!

How I wish there was really such a thing as Karma!!!

I’m off for a walk!!

Stay safe!! Surf the third wave!! Your end is nigh!!

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