Ashamed – The Curtain comes down on overseas aid.

Once upon a time a person in need could count on a helping hand.

Once upon a time a nation was moved to tears by the starving ones abroad.

Once upon a time a lot of us cared.

Now it’s greed and selfishness.

8 thoughts on “Ashamed – The Curtain comes down on overseas aid.

      1. I have heard that so many times in my life. It’s amazing how at least once a year people lament how their faith is being gnawed away at the bone as far as human nature. But I have had the displeasure of bearing witness, and in turn the extreme delight of seeing the outcomes. That day that four airplanes were hijacked and smashed into buildings was one of the most horrible days in history. But then, as if sent by miracle, the humans who just the night before were the kind of people one loses faith in stepped up. One after the other, from state to state came together on that one area of the globe, to dig, to drag, to save, to bury. As one, the county was suddenly not quite as divided or full of hate. It was filled with humanity at it’s best. Covid could take the faith out of any person. Then you see that there are men and women who would put their lives on the line for the chance to just save one…. all over the world. And humanity isn’t really so horrible after all.

        But right now, people are tired. People hurt. People want to feel free again. They can’t lash out at a virus they can’t even see. They can only lash out at those who deserve it the least. It shows the ugly, but it also shows that it’s getting a little better. People were, individually disgraceful, but as a planet, we came together in the scientific communities and in our own communities and we got over it. We won. Now everybody wants to actually punch something, and unfortunately, they go low with that frustration.

        But you’ll see. Humanity will come back. It will just be slow and almost impossibly far away until it’s suddenly right there.

        And next time you lose faith, look away from the people who dishearten, deride, coerce and injure. Look around you on here and realize that the good people are the people like you and me. The people who are not out to hurt, or make others feel worse, but are actually trying to find their own peace and hopefully help someone else find a little bit as well.

        Take care, my friend. And keep the faith, for what is faith if not the belief in something that one cannot see or feel?

      2. It’s about perspective. This is the hardest thing to keep in check. But remember, there’s always good people and there’s always going to be those people that kinda belong under a bus…. but YOU have to be one of the good ones as that’s all you can really control. And at the end of the day, you will not be judged on other people’s actions, but only on your own.

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