Should we eat meat?? Some things to think about.

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I am largely vegetarian but I do eat meat!

Life started on this planet 3.5 Billion years ago.

Nobody know how it started though we have some theories.

That start is probably the second most amazing thing that has ever happened (the first being the beginning of the universe).

All life started once – from the same single cell.

Every organism on the planet is related.

Every organism has evolved for the same length of time.

Some have remained simple and some have become very sophisticated.

Human beings are animals.

We share genes with all other living organisms (including banans).

We are a third group of chimps (Chimpanzees, Bonobos and us).

We share 99% of our genes with chimps – 97% with gorillas.

We are intelligent animals.

Other animals are also intelligent (whales, elephants, chimps, gorillas, crows…..)

Some invertebrates show intelligence – octopi…..

All animals feel pain, are sensitive and hurt when injured.

Many animals feel emotions – love, hate, fear…..

Many animals, even invertebrates, are able to form friendships with humans.

We do not know if plants feel.

Plant cells are two hundred times more complex than animal cells.

Plants are suffused with the same electrical activity as a human brain.

It is quite possible that plants are conscious.

Humans have evolved to eat plants and meat.

Humans are not superior to other forms of life – we just think we are.

Humans have invented religions that reinforce the idea of humans being apart from other animals, superior and better.

Religions say that humans have souls and animals do not. There is no basis for this.

Religions say that animals were created for our use. They weren’t. We all evolved from the same source.

Whatever we believe it does not excuse wanton killing or cruelty. Needlessly inflicting pain is always wrong.

We have to eat to live.

We are part of a great complex interconnecting web of life that has taken 3.5 billion years to evolve.

This web is self-sustaining.

The web of life is strong yet has limits.

We have increased in number and impact to the point where we are impacting on the web, the climate and the ability of the planet to sustain.

We are changing the natural world, greatly affecting numbers of organisms and destroying habitats.

Eating meat adds to that destruction.

Rearing animals is destructive to the environment.

I chose to eat meat as little as possible but I do include it in my diet. I believe all creature (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates) should be treated with respect.

I believe animals should be reared humanely and treated with kindness.

I believe animals should be killed humanely.

I detest seeing any animal treated badly (including fish and reptiles).

I keep an open mind on plants.

I am greatly aware of the impact of my diet on the planet. I take that into account.

I believe many people are inherently cruel. They kill for pleasure. They enjoy inflicting pain.

I think those people should be treated for their sickness and, if that fails, locked up where they can do no harm.

I believe we have to find a way to limit our numbers, not impact on the environment, leave enough wilderness for nature, and live in harmony with nature.

I believe that if we are truly intelligent we will find a way of maintaining this incredible balance.

Nature is the nearest thing to god that I have discovered. It should be cherished. It’s conception was amazing. It’s evolution is amazing. The spectrum of its form and interconnectivity is amazing.

We are part of it – not apart.

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