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The Corona Diaries – Day 438


Bright and sunny here in Yorkshire. We got up early and went over to Wakefield to spend the day at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park at Breton Hall.

My wife was a dancer of Modern Dance and she trained at Breton Hall so there was a bit of nostalgia in there too!

I’ve spent the day walking around these most beautiful grounds, with lakes, dams and an hall. The grounds were amazing. The setting was brilliant.

In among these green hills, woods and lakes there were the most amazing sculptures by incredible artists – Damian Hirst, Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. Set among nature and the Yorkshire landscape they were incredible.

How the other half lived eh? While out ancestors were sending their kids up burning chimneys, slaving away in mills, factories and mines six days a week for twelve hours a day just to put bread on the table for their families all crammed into a two up two down, the gentry (who were creaming off the profits) were strolling round the lake admiring the magnificent oaks.

Or worse – they were hiring boats to ship slaves and living of the proceeds of sugar plantations.

All the wealth from our empire was streaming into the coffers of the wealthy 1%. The 99% were just as exploited as the slaves!

How times change huh? Now the Tory government simply slips the multimillion pound contracts directly to their chums. Brexit and Covid have been brilliant for the profiteers! Some people have been making millions out of misery!

Nothing changes. We still have the mansions and the slums! The 1% are still creaming off the loot. Just ask Boris! Gosh it’s so hard to live off a mere £260,000 a year!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the Indian Variant is causing mayhem. We’re heading into a third wave. The cases have shot up to 5379! Just 18 deaths – but wait a few weeks and we’ll see the increase.

How hard to predict was that? hmmmm perhaps we could have put India on the red list four weeks earlier when the variant started going berserk there? Just saying. I mean, a moron could have made that decision couldn’t they?

So we import the variant and then stand around bemused as it takes off all over the country! Gosh!! Now we’re pulling people back from holiday and exporting the variant around the world.

So generous.

Here’s a good idea Boris – try separating the passengers coming in from red list countries from those from green list countries!

What? You’ve not thought of that?

Here’s another idea for free! Sack Dido Harding and put in a competent person even if they are not a Tory donor! Let’s get a Track and Trace that works!

Here’s another – don’t put on football matches between British teams in Portugal! We’ve just exported the Indian variant to the Portuguese! Then we take them off the green list!

Then – sack Matt Hancock and Gavin Williamson and put in people who don’t lie and can think (even if they aren’t from Eton). While you’re at it sack Priti Patel and put in someone who has feelings. Sack Rees-Mogg for being a self-serving plonker and…….

I had to make myself stop. It becomes too depressing. We are being ruled by a bunch of Eton nincompoops who are so incompetent it’s a wonder they’ve only killed 128,000.

This is interesting now. According to our clown in chief the coming out of lockdown is irreversible! yet we’re heading for a third wave. We’re frantically trying to vaccinate to prevent mass deaths but still importing new variants – some of which will probably evade the vaccines, infect young people and be more lethal.

Aren’t you glad we elected this government and not Corbyn? He might have done daft things like shutting borders and locking down like New Zealand did!

Staff safe – it’s only a few years until the next election (if anybody’s left)!!

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