Left Right Right Wrong FACT LIE

Left Right Right Wrong FACT LIE

There is no left and right anymore

Just a choice between fact and lie.

Political boundaries have been dissolved

And no-ones asking why?

The propaganda machines

Pump out conspiracy

To confuse

And keep us all at sea.

‘Don’t trust the experts!’

‘Scientists are all bought!’

We fall into the trap

And we are caught.

If there’s no-one to trust

They can tell us what they like.

And if we don’t believe them

We can go take a hike!

Division and hate

The currency.

Rile them up!

No clemency!

We’re in the world of blind faith,

Superstition and control.

Flat earthers, antivaxxers,

Buried in a hole.

There is no global warming!

We can rip the planet up!

Plenty money to be made

And with the devil sup!

Divide and rule.

Confuse and instruct.

Exploit and fleece.

Who cares if we destruct??

Opher -2.6.2021

We’re in a new game. The old division of left and right no longer applies. This game is about lies and truth.

We’re fed on lies and we don’t care anymore.

We don’t know who to believe. They’re all the same.

Except they are not.

Some are much worse than others.

So propaganda machines churn out lies, fake news and propaganda. Using algorithms they direct it straight to their chosen recipients.

We are manipulated and exploited.

They intend to confuse us and split the opposition into fighting factions.

It works, doesn’t it?

They own the media. They lie and get away with it. We don’t seem to care at all.

There is no morality, no honour.

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  1. I’ve been told it will cost around $10,000 in court/attn costs to get peace from shouted death threats by a trumpist pig. he is recovering from a car accident and has lost his job, hopefully lost it to someone brown or black. by the time a law suit is decided, he may not have a home. I want a medium six figures, but he may not have assets to pay. tough.

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