The Corona Diaries – Day 431

The weather is thankfully changing. It really feels as if summer is arriving. The sun was out today and it felt warm!! I like hot!!

It’s been a good day. I went up my hill in the morning and have been editing all day. I have just completed my fifth rewrite of my new Sci-fi novel. I’m up to 90,000 words – about 210 pages. I like how it’s going. The political satire seems to work – though real life is more surreal and fiction at the moment. We just got rid of one silly populist clown in Trump and have a few more to go!!

You would think that Cummings’ revelations would have caused a splash but we see the same with Johnson as we saw with Trump. The shit just slides off. Nothing sticks. It’s as if people just accept that they lie, are sleazy, dishonest, self-serving, lazy, corrupt fools and don’t care.

I’ve been watching Hancock and Johnson try to deflect the truth with some amusement. They simply lie and reinvent the past. It’s quite scary.

How is it that the people are so stupid? These are the same overprivileged fools that have been screwing us over for millennia and people don’t see it. They vote them in. We are being ruled by the same robber barons who grabbed all the land and treated us like serfs. I suppose people want to be treated as peasants.

Sad. When will the scales drop?

The other sad things is Keir Starmer and Labour. They’ve got a sitting duck. This mob of corrupt incompetents are the easiest targets imaginable. The ammunition is all around. They need knocking off their perches and exposing as the liars and cheats they are. The opposition is being woefully ineffective. Go for the jugular!!

I’ve been playing some Elvis Costello to put a bit of fire in my belly!! That raises the blood pressure!!

Meanwhile out in coronaland we have the same incredible incompetence. No lessons have been learnt. The same fools are committing the same crimes, making the same mistakes and getting away with it.

So, Johnson fails to put India into the red zone for weeks while the new variant rages causing devastation in India (oh I forgot – due to the Brexit disaster we are desperate for trade deals and India is a market that’s worth a few thousand lives) we carry on allowing thousands and thousands to stream into the country without even a cursory health check let alone a quarantine. Lo and behold, now the country is riddled with the new covid variant, it is much more virulent (as we knew from the Indian disaster) and is growing fast and rampaging through the young.

Errrrrr who could have seen that coming???? Duuuuhhh!!

We are being ruled by imbeciles!!

We’ve already been through this haven’t we??

We failed to bring in border checks at the beginning, didn’t we??

We failed to lockdown quickly enough at the beginning, didn’t we??

It was responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, wasn’t it?

Why did we do it again??

So the number of cases are going up at an alarming rate. The number of hospital admissions are following and the deaths are rising too.

Not poor Boris’ fault. Of course not. Couldn’t possibly be predicted. Three quarters of the new cases are of the Indian variant!! What a surprise!!

How many more is Johnson going to kill??

In the USA they got rid of populist Trump. In Brazil the idiot Bolsonaro is trailing by 10% in the polls it looks like they will dump him. Erdogan has created a dictatorship. In Hungary Victor Orban, the populist fool, is neck and neck. We might be rid of him. In India Modi is still backed by the majority despite his mishandling of Covid. Here in the UK fools still believe our clown in residence – Johnson – is doing a good job. They need to wake up!

Populist leaders are a disaster!!!

As the new variant takes off and a future unlocking is put in jeopardy (due to Johnson’s stupidity) it remains to be seen whether the public wake up from their thrall and begin to realise that this lazy idiot is a liability!!

Until then – Stay Safe!!!

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