The Cost of Success

The Cost of Success

The price of success is measured in dollars.

The cost of success is measured in death.

Trees crash to the ground

As nature reels and gives up its breath.

Short-term plunder is the name of the game

Long-term consequences on the long road of shame.

For making bucks isn’t the main thing that counts

If the damage done just mounts and mounts.

Opher 26.12.2017

Sadly all that people seem to care about is making money and feathering their own nest. Nobody gives a damn about the impact this has on other people or nature.

We are destroying the planet to finance another yacht.

Success is measured in how much money you have made, not in how fulfilling a life you’ve led, not in how much love you’ve generated, not in how much good you’ve done.

Somehow I think this society has got its values wrong.

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