The Corona Diaries – Day 430

Well today was a transition day. After a nonstop six days in which we have met up with all our kids and grandkids and had them to stay the house is empty again. They have all gone. It is quiet and we have the house to ourselves.

It’s been a day of tidying up, catching up with chores, sorting things and doing a bit of writing.

I’ve been playing some Elmore James to spur me along!

All good.

After six days of belting around the country – to the Yorkshire Moors, Scarborough and York, of sharing food and drink, playing games, talking and being with people, we are back into our old routine.

Over these last six days we have been in close contact with more people than in the last fifteen months!! I hope we haven’t caught anything??

I’m knackered.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the repercussions of Cummings’ revelations (not really revelations at all – we already knew it all). they are already denying all the charges.

It seems that the Prime Minister is not unfit for office.

Matt Hancock did not tell a lot of lies.

Boris Johnson did not tell lies.

A shield was thrown around Care Homes and covid-ridden patients were not kicked out of the NHS, untested into the Care Homes.

The PM was not complacent, in denial and making light of it.

He didn’t dither over lockdown.

He didn’t allow borders to remain open.

I think Cummings is a lying git who is seeking revenge but what he says fits the picture I have been watching much closer than Johnson and Hancock’s denials!!

The ineptitude is so obvious!!!

Take the current situation. It is obvious that strict quarantines should have been applied to travel from India. India was in the throes of a massive lethal new variant.

Boris Johnson dithered away. The flights kept coming in for weeks. We now have the variant all over the country. It makes up three quarters of all new cases. Cases are going up. Hospital admissions are going up. Deaths are starting to rise! Cases have jumped by a 3542 since last week!

This is directly due to Boris Johnson and his policies and lack of action!!!

Boris Johnson remains complacent and incompetent just as Cummings said he was.

Is he fit for office? He never has been! All his previous positions have shown him to be wanting. He has been accused of being inept by many previous employers.

My advice is to take responsibility for yourself – this mob can’t keep you safe!

Take care!! It’s far from over! Get yourself vaccinated as quick as you can.

Stay Safe!!

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