Poetry – Lies Lies Lies

Lies Lies Lies

Look out!!!  Terrorists!!

Immigrants and scroungers!!

Scamming on the NHS

The dirty foreign bounders!!

Work-shy!! Lazy bastards!!

Lying in bed all day!!

Dirty little sluts

Who like having it away!!

They are robbing our great nation!!

And it’s all the EUs faults!!

With their bent cucumbers

And bureaucratic sorts!!

We can’t arrest Bin Laden

Or deport Captain Hook!!

They’ve got to have their rights

It’s written in the book!!

The sooner we make our own laws

The sooner we’ll be free!!

To taste the honey mead of England

In sweet liberty!!!

The headlines scream their lies

For the masses to consume.

While the bankers rob us blind

As the rich sustain their boom.

Fiddling £10 on the dole

Is a crime against the nation.

While evading tax on billions

Is not worthy of sensation.

The Public Services cost too much!!

Reduce their pay and pensions.

But we must increase the CEOs pay

To avoid possible abstentions.

The poor are nowt but parasites

A stain upon our country!!

Set them to work for crumbs

Packing shelves and cleaning lavatory.

The food banks and soup kitchens

Are good enough for them!!

Addicts and alkies

Lazy scroungers and not men!!

Automate the factories

More profits for the boys

Who cares if there’s no work??

Or who it may annoy!!

Lies, lies and more lies

Are poured out everyday

To befuddle all our minds

So the big boys scam their pay.

The lust for power, wealth and fame

Is what runs this little game.

The establishment has long played it thus

And likes keeping it the same.

Big lies, little lies

Scandals and distractions.

Designed to keep us in our place

And disarm all the factions.

Opher 24.11.2017

The views of the nation are moulded by the wealthy who control the media. They drip-feed their vile propaganda directly into the minds of the gullible through the garbage of the Daily Express, Daily Mail, Sun and Telegraph. Their lies are presented as facts.

It is all contrived to maintain the establishment and enable them to keep exploiting us. While we languish in austerity they continue to rake it in.

They ramp up the fear and hate by exaggerating the threats. They keep up their propaganda about the evils of Europe, Corbyn and immigrants. There is no democracy while we are fed on lies.

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